Special Feature: Rapid Realty Sweeps the Nation

While a lot of companies have been dabbling in rentals over the last few years, Rapid Realty NYC has been putting residential and commercial rentals front and center since opening its doors in 1998.

Founded in Brooklyn, NY by Anthony Lolli, the company has risen to the top as the number one rental firm in New York City.

After honing its craft in the busiest rental market in the world, Rapid is putting its expertise to work for renters all across America. Helping thousands of people find great apartments and commercial spaces, Rapid has opened its doors to franchising with a business model that is second to none.

Since the inception of franchising in 2009, Rapid has grown to over 65 offices throughout the U.S. with franchise partners from all walks of life. Adrian Cardona, a U.S. Air Force Veteran, joined Rapid Realty as an agent in 2007, and is now a multi-unit franchise owner. Noting the similarities between the military and franchising, Cardona says that while launching a business with most companies is hectic, Rapid is an easy-to-open business that is offering opportunities to anyone interested in launching their real estate career.

Recognized for partnerships with minority groups, Rapid was awarded the New York Urban League’s “Champion of Diversity Award,” which has also been presented to brands including Pepsi, McDonald’s and Major League Baseball.

A minority himself, Cardona says that oftentimes immigrants feel that they should take jobs under their capabilities, but Rapid is pushing to change things. “Our country is built on immigrants and the American dream. Rapid wants to continue to move forward in that direction,” he explains. “We provide so much training and support that anyone can come in and learn to run a successful franchise, even if they’re new to real estate. That’s the beauty of what we do!”

Providing an intense four-week training program that consists of both classroom and hands-on training, franchisees will learn all the business’s operations and procedures. An area development team also assists franchisees with recruiting and hiring agents, as well as building out their offices. With over 250,000 monthly website visits, and millions of online impressions, Rapid’s marketing is second to none.

“Rapid doesn’t just teach franchisees the ins and outs, but it gets them involved with the actual processes,” says Cardona.

“Purchasing a franchise is like buying a real estate office in a box. You get the key, unlock it, and all the moving parts are in there for you.”

The cost to purchase a Rapid franchise is less than $100,000 and includes everything from the office doorknobs to the computers required to do the job.

Aggressively growing in new markets, “Purchasing a franchise is like buying a real estate office in a box. You get the key, unlock it, and all the moving parts are in there for you.”

Rapid Realty is currently focused on expanding to Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles and other major cities and areas with large student populations across the country.

Setting Rapid Realty apart from its competition, the business operates in an assembly line fashion. “Where other companies take one agent and teach them the entire process, Rapid breaks the process down into steps and assigns different agents to different areas. There are too many hats involved for one agent to effectively cover them all in a timely manner,” explains Cardona. “Rapid supports its franchisees 100 percent of the way.”

For those interested in owning a franchise or getting started in the real estate industry visit Rapid Realty’s website or contact Adrian Cardona directly at 646-296-6772.

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