The Professionals You Need to Call On When Someone Gets Hurt in Your Workplace

Employers are required by the law to ensure safety for all people who enter their workplaces including employees, visitors, or customers. Sometimes injuries happen even if the employers take all the necessary steps to provide a reasonably healthy and safe work environment. When someone is injured on your business premises, you are likely to be held liable for premise liability. However, there are professionals you should notify about the accident. Read on to learn the professionals you need to call when someone gets hurt in your workplace.

Medical Professionals

When an injury has occurred on your business premises, you should call the paramedics or health professionals to come to the job site. However, if the injuries are not severe, you may need to transport the injured person to the nearest emergency room or clinic. Most companies prefer to work with medical professionals within their networks, so you must choose the right place where the victim can get treatment. It is important to notify the healthcare providers to perform a post-drug incident if you suspect that the injured person was under the influence of drugs or other illicit substances.  

Notify the Police

In some instances, you may need to notify the police if someone is hurt in your workplace. It is essential to determine the severity and nature of the injury so that you can take the right action. If you suspect that the injury was a result of criminal behavior, it would be a good idea to call the law enforcement agents who in turn can investigate the case. The other advantage of calling the law officers is that they will write a police report that can help in protecting the image of your organization.    

Call Your Attorney

Dealing with workplace accidents can be a bit complicated, especially if it involves outsiders who do not work at the premises. For workers, it might not be that difficult since they are covered by worker’s compensation insurance, but they may still want to file lawsuits. Therefore, it is essential to enlist the services of personal injury legal experts to handle all cases of premise liability to reduce the burden of unexpected expenses that can be caused by the workplace incident. Professional lawyers are experienced in representing both the company and the injured. In this case, you need a strong legal representation to protect the interests of your business. An attorney knows how to handle workplace incidents in order to avoid costly lawsuits that can also impact the reputation of the company.    

Accident Reconstruction Specialists

It is vital to call accident reconstruction experts to visit the scene of the incident to determine how the accident happened. Reconstruction specialists utilize advanced technology and they also obtain information from various sources to identify the likely cause of the accident. In some instances, the injured person might be at fault, but this does not exempt the company from being liable for premise injury. After conducting thorough investigations, the accident experts can provide recommendations about the necessary steps you should take to prevent the occurrence of similar incidents in the future. Remember to remain in close contact with your lawyer whenever other professionals are going through the details of the accident at your workplace.

Work with Other Professionals in Your Company

You should bring key professionals in your company together for a post-accident meeting. You do not only need to work with experts outside the organization while neglecting the people who are always on the ground. These professionals should include the immediate supervisor, safety director in the firm, primary employees involved, and project managers. The meeting aims to review the lessons learned from the incident. Additionally, the meeting will also help you to take the necessary measures to avoid similar incidents in the future. The workers may require in-depth training, or you may need to upgrade the safety net within your company.

In every state, each company is compelled by the law to provide a safe work environment to protect the workers. On top of that, the firm is also obligated to ensure that all visitors at their business are safe and free from common injuries like slips and falls. If a person is injured at your company, you are likely to be held liable for premise liability depending on the nature and severity of the injury. However, when the accident happens, there are necessary steps that you should take. You need to call specific professionals to help you deal with the injury case while at the same time protecting your company’s reputation.

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