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Pets are a part of the American family. They are an essential member of the unit that is loved, feed and sheltered in all aspects.

In fact, Americans love to drop cash on their pets. They get Christmas presents, they celebrate birthdays, they attend weddings and sleep in fancy hotels when their parents are on business trips. Animals are domesticated and well cared for in the States. In fact, approximately 63 per cent of pet-owners consider their animals part of the family and a lot of people own animals in the states, so that is a big number.

In a 2016 survey, there were approximately 79.7 million households with a pet in this country alone.  This creates a market with a plethora of venues and opportunity. The market has grown accustomed to this number and zoned in on pet owners to create a very successful business venue. People want their pets taking care of and they are willing to pay top dollar.

Franchise owners can hone in on this great business opportunity in a variety of ways. Pet lovers can follow their passion through their careers by working with animals and servicing their owners. It’s a great way to combine a great love, while also turning a profit. In 2015, over $60 billion was spent on pets in the States, which is a pretty big market on one specific area.

There are numerous types of franchises for pet lovers to consider, from food to shelter, the broad range of needs for animals has become very large over the last decade.

Pet Food

There was $20 billion spend on pet food in 2015, making it the highest sales in the pet market that year.  Pet owners are no longer satisfied to give their pups run of the mill dog food anymore. People need choice and they want high quality pet food with healthy ingredients. Their animals deserve the best.

People have more demands nowadays and would like to subject these specific needs on their animals as well. There is allergy-free food, old age food, diet food, food made from free range animals, vegetarian foods and the list goes on and on.

Pet food can be sold within a franchise, but could also be a specific market that supplies veterinarian offices and stores. However, with social media exploding and easy access to the internet, small niche markets have taken advantage of the pet food market. Small businesses have increased in the pet food industry and created a competition for large franchises.

However, franchises carry a variety of brands, which hold value and a large costumer base. Franchises can be trusted and are easily available to a wide area of consumers. Well known pet foods have credibility and now indulge in a large array of flavours and choices.

A lot of the franchises have established relationships with suppliers. This stability guarantees sales, customers and a continuous output of products.

Pet Stores

Pet stores have now opened their doors to pet parents, as well as their four legged friends. Customers can shop the aisles with their animals on leash to gain a first hand experience of their pet’s needs. There is usually water and snacks provided for the animals, creating an extremely pet friendly environment.

Pet stores obviously offer pet adoptions and purchases of a variety of animals from fish to hamsters, to dogs and snakes, but there are also many services and products available.

People love buying accessories for their animals and pets come with a lot more baggage, including kennels, cages, collars and dish bowls.

A lot of retail stores offer grooming services or provide kennel rooms. Pet retail franchises specialize in many areas, with guaranteed results, it allows for a great profitability.

Pet Grooming and Pet Services

This is truly an opportunity for those who want to work with animals. The Pet grooming franchise allows owners the option to work on the floor, while easily obtaining skills to care and groom animals. This type of franchise would be preferable by true animal lovers and would be a great career opportunity for someone passionate about animals.

People want the best for the animals and they want a professional to help them along the way. In fact, in 2015 pet grooming produced over $5 billion in sales.

There are some franchises that allow owners to be apart of the grooming experience, while mobile pet groomers can come to costumer’s house with a mobile service.

A mobile service allows franchisees a lot of freedom to create a work life balance according to their schedule. Though, a lot of franchisees may have to be more hands on in this field of services.

The pet industry is booming right now. People’s love for their pets has created a whole new industry of clients. Consumers have created needs and wants for their animals and the franchise industry has responded in numerous ways, through accessories, services, natural whole foods and so many other profitable venues.

The pet industry is a great opportunity for animal lovers. It allows people to work and care for animals, while also creating a successful business. The pet industry is continuously growing in profit and more and more needs are being created. Owners want the best for their pets and it’s something they are willing to not only pay for, but also indulge in.

Pet franchises come with a solid choice of well-established brands and customer base that guarantees profitability. It’s a safe and enjoyable industry for the pet lover that is an exciting and ever changing industry for the business lover as well.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: After receiving an English Degree, followed by a Journalism Diploma, Gina Gill became a freelance journalist in 2008. She has worked as a reporter and in communications, focusing on social media. She currently works as a community information officer with Epilepsy Society, while pursuing her writing career at the same time.

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