Perspire Sauna Studios Rapidly Expanding in Orlando and Nationwide

Perspire Sauna Studio, the nation’s original infrared sauna franchise, announced its expansion plans for the state of Florida, welcoming three new studios within the greater Orlando area by 2021 and 23 additional Florida locations by 2023.

 “Not only have we had the opportunity to stay open due to our personalized and naturally socially distant set up of the sauna rooms, but we’ve maintained growth through the pandemic, and for that, feel very fortunate,” said Lee Braun, CEO of Perspire Sauna Studio. 

“Our attractive franchise model has recruited franchisees located all over the country but Florida is booming. Being a west coast-based concept, we know that coastal communities really value alternative wellness options to help them feel better. We’re confident that Perspire is going to resonate with Orlando residents.”

Perspire Sauna Studio is the original infrared sauna franchise in the U.S. The holistic treatment combines a centuries-old practice with modern day science and technology to provide guests with a full-body health and wellness alternative that compliments and supports the active and healthy lifestyle, especially for the Orlando coastal community.

Unlike traditional saunas, infrared saunas provide a gentle, soothing therapeutic heat that promotes relaxation & stress relief. In addition, many IR saunas work in tandem to provide a variety of health and wellness benefits including enhanced immunity, improved sleep, detoxification, mindfulness, and alleviate chronic pain. 

Perspire has international interest but plans to concentrate on expanding its domestic footprint before expanding globally.

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