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After nearly three decades of resounding success, Pak Mail Centers of America, Inc. continues to be the premier franchise system across the United States and internationally for all business sizes shipping and packing needs. Following up on the success of those nearly thirty years, Pak Mail is looking towards the future and continuing its efforts to be the leader in the residential and business packing and shipping industry. As the business economy continues to morph itself through continued monumental growth in online shopping and with the continued uptick in the overall economy following the fallout from the recession, Pak Mail is staying at the forefront of the industry and shifting its strategy focus to continue as the leader in the everyday small package packing and shipping needs, but also to become the leader in residential and business freight shipment needs.

Pak Mail’s business is built on exceptional service and customer service that is second to none.  The main focus is to ensure the satisfaction of every Pak Mail client at each and every opportunity and work to find the best fit for their needs in all the services provided. Building off of that base, Pak Mail is working hard to integrate the advantages freight can have for the residential and business community at large. “We believe the current business climate as well as that of the everyday residential needs lend to a focus being put on freight services that stand at par with our current level of service we offer in the small package and specialty shipping markets,” Alex Zai, CEO of Pak Mail says.

The past few years have not been banner years in the freight industry as the economy continues to climb back to its heydays prior to the recession. The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals’ annual State of Logistics Report detailed that in 2012, business logistics costs were once again 8.5 percent of U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the same level they hit in 2011. That means freight logistics was growing at about the same rate as the GDP. Though not monumental growth, the report shows that freight shipments continue to be a major portion of the economic need.

Cass Information Systems, Inc. released a report recently illustrating spending on freight shipments continues to climb as the overall number of shipments has retained a steady upward trend.

Pak Mail views this as a tremendous opportunity for its franchise system to take advantage of the continued need for freight abilities across the United States. Currently, Pak Mail is developing new programs and various strategic plans to make freight a more central focus of our overall service offerings. The corporate team is working to develop Pak Mail’s freight management systems to be more efficient, customer friendly and comprehensive to allow our franchisees the ability to service their customers across all markets, be that residential freight needs or large commercial freight services.

As the move to integrate more freight capabilities within the Pak Mail franchise system grows there is a great focus on working with our franchise network to increase their knowledge, training, and overall capabilities to handle any size or volume of freight needs for the Pak Mail customers.

However, the core of Pak Mail’s business still remains and is expected to continue to remain the ability for Pak Mail to ship anything, anywhere. Our franchise network of 235 Pak Mail Centers across the United States, 147 Pak Mail Centers in Mexico, ten Centers in Canada and three Centers Japan offers strong reach and capabilities for our customers whether their need is for packing, domestic or international shipments, or any of our various other services offered in your local Pak Mail Center.

Looking to the future, Pak Mail is focusing on increasing our overall footprint here in the United States as well as overseas so we can continue to offer more customers around the world the tremendous service that has made Pak Mail the go to location for all packing and shipping needs for nearly three decades.

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