P3 Cost Analysts Helps Businesses, Adds Franchisees, Across the U.S. During Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus has made it clearer than ever that every penny matters for businesses. P3 Cost Analysts is helping businesses across the United States save thousands – sometimes hundreds of thousands – of dollars with its process.

“Now more than ever, businesses need to be focused on cost reduction and making sure every penny counts,” said P3 Cost Analysts CEO Aaron Stahl. “Our expertise is helping keep many of our clients’ businesses alive now. We’re helping them keep the lights on.”

COVID 19 also has not affected P3 Cost Analysts’ huge nationwide expansion as several franchisees, including two in New York, have been added in the last few weeks. Stahl said he also expects to expand his company’s workforce by 20 percent over the next 12 months.

“We’ll be hiring in the not too distant future,” Stahl said. “And we’ve had an uptick in new clients over the last few weeks, and we expect to have several more over the next few weeks, once people get used to a new normal.”

Stahl said he’s seen a big increase of interest from companies that have had their budgets severely slashed, including restaurants, anything travel-related, and cities/counties.

“That’s where we can help the most,” Stahl said. “Our expertise is helping to save businesses. And cities are seeing a huge drop in sales tax revenue, so we’re helping them add dollars to their budgets.”

For more information on P3 Cost Analysts, visit costanalysts.com

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