Outside Dining Sign Promotes Social Distancing

Restaurants across the country are adopting outside dining as an extension of their indoor dining during the Coronavirus epidemic. And let’s face it, nobody wants to walk to the restroom only to find they’ll just have to stand outside of a locked door and wait.

Even though the operation has migrated outside, it doesn’t mean that customers should be deprived of convenience.

According to the CDC (Center For Disease Control), businesses must “include control measures to eliminate or reduce exposures,” and “implement policies and practices for social distancing in the workplace.”

The Heads Up Lock (www.headsuplock.com) has the answer. A red and green light lets the user know if the restroom is occupied with just a quick glance. The light can be mounted down the hall or even out at the curb for easy viewing. It promotes social distancing by reducing lines all while increasing customer convenience.

This simple device is patented, affordable, ADA approved and made in the USA.  It can be used for all single-stall restrooms and comes in kit form which contains everything needed to be installed by any qualified handyman. There is no soldering or special splicing of wires and requires no maintenance after it is installed.

Now business owners can do their part to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) while improving customer safety, productivity, and happiness. 

For more information visit:  www.headsuplock.com

View CDC Requirements: 


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