Our Town America Offering Open Territories to Prospecting Franchisees

Our Town America, the nation’s leading New Mover Marketing franchise, has territories across the nation available for development. While a sales or marketing background is ideal, the ability to build relationships with local business owners is just as important.

Now in its 45th year, the company is undergoing a dramatic expansion that includes a new 44,000 square foot headquarters in Clearwater, FL. The company has a growing national footprint and is looking to expand in the Boston, New York City and New Jersey metro areas, as well as throughout Texas, North Carolina, Utah, and California.

The national leader

The nation’s leader in New Mover Marketing has come a long way since June 1972. The company was launched when a hard-working Newton, Iowa restaurant owner named Michael Plummer Sr. saw how responsive new movers were to his one-time housewarming offers. The company grew markets in Iowa, Nebraska, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, and Arizona, and then began franchising in 2005. Today, Our Town America has more than 60 franchisees around the country.

Son and namesake Michael Plummer Jr., had been working alongside his father at Our Town America for many years, but after the unfortunate, life-ending heart attack of his father in 2009, the company was in need of a dedicated leader who had the business’ best interests in mind. Who better to take the reigns of the business than Michael Plummer Jr. The young military veteran has worked diligently to expand upon his father’s legacy and, based off the tenure of franchisees, partnered businesses, and the corporate staff, it seems Our Town America has remained at the forefront of its industry.

In just eight years, Plummer has grown Our Town America into the nation’s most profitable and fastest growing New Mover Marketing franchise. The company, who generated $8.9 million dollars in system-wide revenue in 2016, has expanded to 62 franchises in 27 states.

Plummer says sales experience is paradigm for new franchisees, but not required, as the company’s new franchise training program will ultimately prepare them for the field.

“We’re looking for a good community organizer, maybe somebody who is involved with a Parent-Teacher Association or a real estate agent,” Plummer said. “We need people who can talk to people.”

Quick ramp up

New franchisees will see that once past the initial qualification steps, developing a new franchise territory is less complicated than most franchise systems due to low overhead and a low startup cost. In fact, Our Town America makes Franchise Business Review’s “Top Low Cost Franchise” list every year.

While Our Town America specializes in direct mail, all printing and production is done at the corporate office, alleviating franchisees of mass-printing costs including paper for their new mover gift certificates, postcards, and other supplies. The corporate staff at Our Town America handles the majority of the work for the franchisee, including all design and production. This allows for franchisees to focus primarily on creating business relationships.

Our Town America’s support team ensures that franchisees don’t have to perform client start-up work and other preparation. An in-house corporate team calls businesses in the franchisee’s territory and makes the initial sales appointments so they go in ‘warm’. Franchisees can access their appointments calendar and obtain timely lead intelligence around the clock via our customer resource management system.

Your home is your office

Franchisees have the freedom to set their own schedules, as well as the option to set up their office in the comfort of their own home. While some franchisees prefer to have a dedicated work office, most current Our Town America franchisees work from home.

Franchisees are responsible for meeting with leads, which are potential business clients in their territory. Once a franchise meets with the decision maker, they determine whether they are a good fit for the New Mover Welcoming program.Client businesses, referred to in-house as Sponsor businesses, have a one-time-use housewarming gift certificate in the Our Town America Welcome Package that’s mailed to a new set of new movers every month. New residents, who are unfamiliar with the area, redeem their gift certificates at your partnered sponsor businesses’ locations.

Who is the ideal franchisee?

Sales and marketing experience is ideal, but the ability to build strong relationships with people in the community is just as important. Our Town America franchisees are outgoing, self-driven, and invested in the success of their communities. They don’t simply make a sale and walk away. They maintain consultant relationships with their sponsor businesses.Corporate also supports franchisees with that consulting relationship, too. The corporate support staff helps sponsor businesses design their certificate, make use of good customer reviews, and design additional marketing campaigns.

We back our franchisees with technology

Our Town America’s use of innovative technology, including the use of a smartphone app to track redeemed gift certificates is a big selling point for potential sponsor businesses. Franchisees have access to decades of Our Town America data and redemption information, making customer information the most timely in the industry. Our Town America runs our new mover lists through 12 primary sources with a combination of priority technology we developed to ensure the best list available.

The Our Town America TruTrak™ mobile app, which is available to every sponsor signed up with Our Town America, helps businesses collect and use customer data for supplemental marketing campaigns. It is the first mobile app in the industry, leaving our competitors in the dust.

What more can we say?

We are a Franchise Business Review “Top Validated Franchise”, as well their “All-time Top Company.” In addition to industry recognition, our franchisees, some who have been with us over 20 years, can tell you how successful they’ve been since investing in an Our Town America franchise.

That’s because we allow franchisees to concentrate on what they do best: Making genuine connections with business owners within their community.

If you are interested in learning more about Our Town America franchisee opportunities, please visit www.ourtownamerica.com/franchise-us or call 1-800-497-8360 ext. 232.

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