Osteostrong Releases Second Wave of Bone-Building Technology

This summer, wellness brand OsteoStrong is releasing the second generation of osteogenic loading technology to help people age better and live stronger.

The specialized equipment, dubbed Spectrum, was designed exclusively for OsteoStrong in partnership with John Jaquish, Ph.D., a leading researcher and the original inventor of the first generation of osteogenic loading technology.

Osteogenic loading is a brief set of highly controlled, acute exercises that let the body resist four or more times its body weight, the amount required to build new bone. This “impact level force” triggers the body to generate new bone tissue for days after each session. Over time, weekly sessions drastically improve muscle strength, posture, and balance. Sessions only take about 10 minutes once per week and people don’t even break a sweat.

The new Spectrum technology delivers an improved experience with updated safety features, more contoured ergonomics, and four specialized models that work each bone and muscle group with greater efficiency. Spectrum also remembers each user’s settings regardless of which OsteoStrong location they visit and gives users deeper insights into their personal progress over the weeks and months.


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