No-H2O Looking to Bring Business Model and Franchising Opportunities to the United States

After finding tremendous success in Europe, No-H2O, which is a waterless solution to car washing that services residential areas, business offices, car dealerships and anywhere where a car can be cleaned, is looking to bring its franchise model to the United States. They are currently looking for aspiring entrepreneurs to come onboard as franchisees.

No-H2O uses no water in comparison to a drive through car wash which will waste an incredible of 132 liters of water. The company was founded by former professional race car driver, Emmet O’Brien.

Deemed the “Uber of car washing,” No-H2O is the first company to build a bespoke On-Demand in house app for carwashing and detailing and has also proven its innovation in markets in Europe where it has been operating the On-Demand model since 2016.

No-H2O has a significant advantage in this market as it has developed this on the back of an already successful business operating in both the carwash & detailing markets but also manufacturing and suppling its range of waterless products globally.

No-H2O offers a number of operating franchise models: Mobile franchises using a branded No-H2O special vehicle which franchisees use to provide car cleaning services. The mobile franchisee is granted an exclusive territory to operate their business.

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