NFL Quarterback Drew Brees Partners With Stretch Zone

Stretch Zone – the company that brought practitioner-assisted stretching to the public – has named NFL quarterback Drew Brees to its board of directors. Brees will also serve as a Stretch Zone brand ambassador and franchise partner, working to build out multiple Stretch Zone locations in the Midwest, Louisiana, and Southern California.

“Drew’s passion for health and fitness, coupled with his vast experience as a franchise owner across multiple industries, reinforces the value Stretch Zone brings to members and investors,” said Stretch Zone President and CEO Tony Zaccario.

Brees has incorporated practitioner assisted stretching as part of his training and recovery regimen for many years to maximize fitness gains and prevent injury. “Stretch Zone improves lives through its intentional methods and authentic approach,” said Brees. 

Stretch Zone uses a proprietary strapping system that positions, stabilizes and isolates muscles for effective stretching. Stretch Zone practitioners lead clients like Brees through a series of dynamic stretches that increase mobility and muscle function. Assisted stretching allows the practitioner to control timing and intensity of the stretch-reflex in order to increase range of motion without causing discomfort.

“At Stretch Zone, we seek to make the outstanding health benefits of guided stretching available to everyone,” said Stretch Zone founder Jorden Gold. “Whether you are a recreational athlete, deconditioned aging baby boomer or an elite athlete like Drew, the Stretch Zone method is a lifestyle to help you live a better life.”

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