A New View on Fitness From High Altitude Personal Training

When it comes to getting help with physical fitness, it seems you have two choices: pay a high price for personal training, or pay a little less for one-size-fits-all classes. There usually isn’t anything in between. That’s where High Altitude Personal Training comes in.

The fitness facility, aiming to help members achieve better health, is now franchising. Launched in 2009 in Flagstaff, Arizona, by Joey McDonald and Dustin Evans, High Altitude Personal Training provides individualized small group personal training. “We have the cost effectiveness and energy of the group environment, with individualized programs tailored to each client,” says co-founder Joey McDonald. “In addition, we provide ongoing nutritional accountability because the quantity and quality of food can make or break even the best fitness regimes.”

The franchise program is being rolled out in the Southwest region of the country first, with further expansion to follow. If you eat clean, and move well – you may find that you’ll truly live free!

For more information visit www.haptfranchising.com

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