New Live 2 B Healthy Study Reveals 47% Fall Rate Reduction Among Active Older Adults

Live 2 B Healthy® partnered with Park View Community Campus in Woodville, WI in 2017 to complete a comprehensive study of the effectiveness of the Live 2 B Healthy® program in reducing falls among residents in senior housing communities.

National studies have proven that the incidence of falls in senior living communities can be lowered when seniors work to maintain an active lifestyle. When Live 2 B Healthy® began a new partnership with Park View Community Campus, they decided to complete an actual study to determine the effectiveness of their specific program.

The Live 2 B Healthy® program focuses on improving in 4 functional fitness areas:  upper and lower body strength, flexibility and balance.  An evidence-based program, specific measures in each of these areas were gathered and shared with Park View on four separate occasions during the study. The results in these 4 areas were consistently positive at both the individual and overall class level.

Fall data was gathered by month for the same 16 month period and segmented by attendance group. This study revealed a 47% fall rate reduction for active residents (defined as those who attended more than 60% of the classes over a 16 month period from 2016-2017).

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