Navy Veteran Turned Stretchlab Franchisee

Navy Veterans, Civilians and the StretchLab Franchise – All in the Same Boat

“In the Navy, we literally and figuratively jump right in,” said Janeth Kim, a 24-year orthopedic surgery Navy Veteran and new StretchLab franchisee in San Diego. “We learn to quickly operate procedures and execute plans without questioning every decision.”

Kim, StretchLab’s newest franchisee whose assisted-stretching wellness studio opens this month, already recognizes the parallel mindset that’ll transfer from her service experience to franchise ownership.

“To succeed in business after service, Veterans need a supportive community with a knowledgeable peer network. In this regard, we strive to all be ‘in the same boat,’ able to help one another alike,” said Kim. “StretchLab’s many franchisees exchange and share best-practice ideas, its ‘veteran’ industry corporate team guides us throughout the process and we’re backed with the proven strategy and blueprint laid out by Xponential Fitness, the largest curator of boutique fitness and wellness brands. All of this enables someone like me to ‘jump right into’ the civilian and business world while being able to stay in the wellness and helping profession I love.”

Assisted Stretching for Naval Personnel and Civilians

“After I climbed Mount Fuji, I knew I needed assisted stretching. It shouldn’t take climbing a mountain for service members or civilians to be aware of this service, much less have access to it.”

Kim points out assisted stretching is rarely offered by the VA and traditional medical doctors, unless prescribed. Even then, more siloed MDs or chiropractors only sometimes offer a similar service but usually for only four-to-six weeks, until the prescription is no longer covered by insurance. “The older Veteran community needs StretchLab’s benefits like increased range of motion and reduced muscle and joint pain. So many Marines and SEALs trained like athletes in their 20s and 30s, they need to preserve their bodies now more than ever.”

Having repaired and reconstructed service members’ musculoskeletal injuries like Achilles tendons and pectoral muscles, Kim knows firsthand injuries that could’ve been prevented from proper stretching and recovery. “Years ago, I worked with a corpsman who was training to become a SEAL. He over-trained without necessary assisted stretching and recovery, which was somewhat lesser-known then, and he suffered a popped pec tendon. It dissolved his dream of becoming a SEAL.”

Aside from aiding high-intensity or athletic performance, Kim’s quick to note StretchLab’s benefits for most every civilian. Since discharge, Kim finds herself behind a desk and sitting more than during her 24-year Navy career. “Many civilians don’t know assisted-stretching’s benefits to combat a sedentary lifestyle or being stuck in cubicles for hours every day. Also, it relieves the toll taken from long commutes. We all deserve better posture as well as decreased muscle tension and mental stress.”

StretchLab Helps Service Members Transition

According to a study from the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism: In 2010, 39 percent of individuals with PTSD used complementary and alternative medicine interventions, including mind-body practices that incorporate stretching movements and postures with breathing (i.e. yoga, tai chi and qigong). Substantial evidence has shown that mind-body interventions have a positive impact on quality of life, reduce stress and improve health outcomes among individuals with PTSD.

“We see the star basketball player on TV being stretched at midcourt before an NBA game tip off. It’s unfortunate fewer had access or knew how assisted stretching helped civilians and service members alike. StretchLab is changing this. It has brought assisted stretching to the public for everyone’s benefit. The word’s getting out.”

Veteran Employment in Franchising After Discharge

San Diego has a big Veteran community. Close-by Camp Pendleton and 32nd Street Naval Station are just a couple local hubs for service personnel. Kim sees service “recruitment” transferring well to her San Diego StretchLab and the company’s other nationwide locations too. “Xponential Fitness is excited about employing military people, and rightly so, as we’re adept to learn quickly and follow procedures. A Navy Veteran has experienced so much commitment and has already met demanding expectations.”

Kim and StretchLab nationally are trying to open more doors for potential Veteran franchise owners or employees, because, as Kim mentioned, “You don’t take shifts off in the Navy, and this type of person will thrive in the franchise world, where you hold yourself accountable and jump with both feet in but in the same boat as everyone willing to help.”

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