Naturalawn of America, INC.

Called “too far ahead of its time” in 1987, NaturaLawn of America—an organic-based lawn care company—today has 90 franchise locations in 25 states serving over 93,000 customers and generates annual revenues in excess of $64 million. Their natural lawn care system consists of a proprietary line of organic lawn care products and provides business opportunities to individuals wishing to secure their own franchise.

With an average gross revenue of over $1.5 million per location and the highest reoccurring revenues in the industry, NaturaLawn of America is the premier choice when seeking a franchise service business. Franchise owners have the additional benefit of offering mosquito and flea and tick control under the separate brands Mosquito Ranger and Tick Ranger.

Each franchise is given an exclusive protected territory of between 50,000 to 70,000 single-family homes, as well as the company’s patented and exclusive fertilizers. Franchise owners also benefit from advertising, marketing, accounting, purchasing, business management and other support provided from NaturaLawn of America’s home office. A franchise support team visits new franchise locations an average of eight times a year for their first two years in business.

 All of the company’s franchises enjoy high customer retention. The average customer stays with the company for over six years, with 85 percent of customers continuing their service each year. NaturaLawn’s customers want to see a healthy, green lawn that is as weed free as possible. They stay because of the level of service provided and because the service is a safer alternative to traditional chemical lawn care approaches. Instead of using pesticides and chemical treatments on lawns, NaturaLawn of America’s patented approach focuses on preserving the lawn’s soil and using natural pest prevention techniques. NaturaLawn of America has grown its revenue by 26 percent since 2014. Every year since its inception the company has never gone backwards in revenue growth or customer count. They seek owners who welcome a challenging and rewarding career path in addition to growing a rather significant business. NaturaLawn of America may not be for everyone, but it’s great for people with the desire, dedication, commitment, and skills to be a franchise owner.

Entrepreneur‘s 2018 Franchise 500 – Rank #172,  Military Times‘ 2018 Best Franchises for Vets – Rank #29,  Franchise Business Review Best 2018 Franchise Opportunity

Address: 1 E. Church Street Frederick, MD 21701

Phone: 301-694-5440

Fax: 301-846-0320



Contact: Blaine Young

Initiation Fee: $29,500

Cash Investment (if applicable): $150,000 Line of Credit

1 E. Church Street
Nature of Business:
organic-based lawn care
Initial Fee:
Minimum Investment:
$150,000 Line of Credit
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