Native Grill & Wings Launches New Tech Tactics for 2016

Native has implemented for efficient workplace structure and to better assist customer relations issues.

When choosing a food costing and inventory control program, Native selected Crunchtime to best accommodate franchisees

“Our needs were simple—we needed to give our franchisees and management teams a tool that allowed them to see, control, and gauge their purchasing and inventory systems,” said Native Grill & Wings IT/System Manager Stephen Snyder.

Native transitioned to the NCR’s Aloha POS system, and a partnership with QSR Automations for a kitchen display that will improve food quality and service speed. The Olo online ordering system boosts take-out sales, improves order accuracy, and provides insight to geo-target marketing efforts. The online ordering and kitchen display systems are set to launch later this year.

Native also introduced its Mobile Loyalty App in 2015 with its partnership with Punchh. “The mobile loyalty app delivered a robust data set that told us more about our guests then we ever could have imagined,” said Snyder. “Our loyalty program also gave us a channel to provide offers and discounts to our guests, and track their redemption rates.”

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