My Salon Suite Names Suite Elite Featured Members

Eleven beauty salon owners from across the nation have been selected as part of MY SALON Suite’s 2021 Suite Elite Featured Member program. This program celebrates the winners’ accomplishments and unique styles with personalized rewards and promotions and positions them for continued success through once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to elevate their businesses.

The chosen stylists are members of MY SALON Suite, a co-working style space where salon professionals provide beauty services to their clients in private, fully equipped, custom suites. There are more than 200 franchised MY SALON Suite locations across the U.S. and Canada with more than 5,000 beauty professional members, collectively called the Suite Elite.

“Every year, we are amazed by the determination, enthusiasm, and sheer talent of our Featured Members but this year has made their accomplishments even more astounding as they worked day in and out to exceed their clients’ expectations in a safe, welcoming environment,” said Ken McAllister, MY SALON Suite’s CEO and President.

The 11 winners will enjoy luxury experiences and rewards, will be featured throughout the year in national marketing campaigns, and will secure opportunities for each Featured Member to promote their business locally and receive recognition for this honor in their communities.

Aligning with this year’s theme ‘Make It Yours: Next Level’, the Featured Members will participate in a virtual session with a team of national design consultants who will offer expert advice and practical recommendations to make their visions for their suite and branding a reality.

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