Mr. Sparky

Need a charge for your electrical business?

Explore the Mister Sparky franchise.

Mister Sparky – “America’s On-Time Electrician” is one of three home service franchises beneath the Clockwork Home Services umbrella.

As its nickname would infer, Mister Sparky is well known for its on-time commitment to customers across the nation. What’s more, Mister Sparky is an innovative franchise opportunity for ambitious electrical contractors and business owners seeking to either start a residential electrical service division or grow their existing service company.

What Does Mister Sparky Offer?

Residential service is one of the last remaining segments of the electrical trade that presents great opportunities—Mister Sparky offers the ability to lead this marketplace. Our franchise provides electrical contractors the opportunity to diversify so that they are not so reliant on a few large customers. It also provides them with valuable training, tools, technology and an exit strategy.

In addition to the many tangible benefits, such as the ability to achieve the next level of prosperity and the idea of implementing a more secure business environment, Mister Sparky franchising offers significant intangible benefits to its franchisees in terms of self-fulfillment.

Freedom in Franchising

Our franchisees often tell us that being part of our franchise family has put the “fun” back into owning a business. They enjoy associating and networking with some of the best players in the industry. Most important of all, they have the freedom to gain control of their business and their lives.

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