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Why Choose Mr. Appliance?

Benefits of Joining Our Appliance Repair Franchise Network

Are you looking for a new business opportunity? Do you want to build a successful appliance repair business without having to venture out completely on your own? If so, Mr. Appliance could be a great investment option for you. As the largest franchised appliance service business in North America, our brand has gained national recognition that can benefit our franchisees.

There are many other reasons that our franchisees choose to do business under the Mr. Appliance brand, including the following:

We have extensive experience.

Entrepreneurs have been starting new appliance repair businesses under the franchise brand of Mr. Appliance since 1996. Through our extensive experience, we have developed effective business systems and procedures that have already been put to the test. You can trust that we know the appliance repair industry and what it takes to excel in this business.

We’ll provide you with full training and support.

We know how important it is to properly train our franchisees in the technical and management aspects of running an appliance repair business. Our experts thoroughly train our franchisees in three phases, and we provide experienced coaches who help grow your business long after your doors are opened.

We offer a state-of-the-art business management system.

Our integrated software system allows franchisees to track and measure various aspects of the business, such as inventory, scheduling, job routing, marketing, job costs, and profitability. Furthermore, data from these areas can be used to create financial statements through the accounting software. Our goal is to help our franchisees improve their efficiency so they can operate more successful businesses.

Our franchisee network can provide you with additional support.

By opening a Mr. Appliance franchise, you will be joining a large support network of franchisees. This network allows you to draw knowledge from other franchisees and take advantage of cross-marketing opportunities in your community. The Dwyer Group® has franchise brands that cover many different service sectors.

Our purchasing power helps our franchisees secure discounts and rebates.

With the amount of franchisees in our network, we can negotiate deals from a position of power. Because of the size of our network, our franchisees are able to secure discounts and rebates on supplies, equipment, and many other kinds of products. When you franchise with Mr. Appliance, you receive higher quality products at a lower cost.

By using our tested franchise structure, you could end up building a profitable business in the appliance repair industry. Contact Mr. Appliance today so we can review the next steps of action with you!

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