Mobility City’s Doors Are Now Open to Franchisees

Mobility City, the premier and one-of-a-kind mobile repair and cleaning service for mobility equipment to individuals, groups, facilities, hospital, organizations and businesses that rely on various mobility devices, has opened its doors for franchisees to share the same success the company has been experiencing for years.

Mobility City is a pioneer business in mobile repair, rentals, sales and cleaning services for various mobility equipment such as wheelchairs, power chairs, mobility scooters and many others. The business assists individuals with restricted mobility due to age, accidents, illness and other conditions. People who use wheelchairs, scooters and other mobility equipment to go to places or simply carry out their regular chores spend most, if not all, of their waking moments using them.

When most people resort to doing the task themselves, they encounter numerous technical problems and soon realize that it requires professional expertise. A Mobility City franchise owner will have the chance to be of service to the disabled young and old, seniors, veterans and injured individuals by ensuring that the mobility equipment they rely on more than anything will be in good working condition all the time.

Apart from the service-side of the business that can help develop internal motivation to carry out the work, being a Mobility City franchisee will also provide the chance to make a difference in the community and to achieve financial independence considering the many opportunities in this industry. Keep in mind that every person, facility, business or organization that uses any of the many kinds of mobility equipment is a potential client.

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