Military Veterans: The Ideal Franchisees

One of the best benefits of joining a franchise system is the opportunity to learn from likeminded franchisees from different backgrounds. This collaborative environment – learning from each others’ strengths and approaching problems with a team of open minds – fosters unity, franchisee satisfaction and overall personal growth within a proven system.

Of all the backgrounds we see looking seriously into entrepreneurship through franchising – marketing, customer service, management, business operations and more – we have found particular success with military veterans. Here are some qualities that set them apart.


Men and women who have served in the military are especially adept at understanding the “mission” of the franchise – and are extremely persistent in achieving that mission. An unmatched work ethic and adaptability to the proven system sets veterans apart – they are also wonderful at precise planning and implementation.


Keeping personal and professional goals top-of-mind is the priority for many people looking into business ownership through franchising. Meet Anne Marie Marvin, a former Naval Commander and current Postal Connections franchisee in San Diego. In addition to running one of the most successful stores in the system, Anne Marie is also a mother and has a jewelry-making business on the side. Her determination and work ethic has led her to career fulfillment in franchising.

Leadership Potential

Veterans also often display outstanding leadership qualities that are helpful as they are given opportunities to move up the ladder, so to speak, in different roles within the system. Postal Connections franchisee Marc Richard is a graduate of West Point and is celebrating his sixth year in business. Marc has seen incredible sales increases – consistently consistently 20 percent or better yearly – and is now harnessing his leadership and teaching potential as a franchisee trainer. His ability to inspire and guide newer franchisees has proven to be a great strength, developed during his time in the military and expanded upon through entrepreneurship.

These qualities align directly with our core operating values, meaning that our franchisees are trustworthy, friendly, savvy and leading edge. We are proud that our veteran franchisees mirror these traits as well. One way that we, and many other franchises, honor the men and women who have given their time and risked their lives for our freedom to pursue business ownership, is to offer a generous discount on our franchise fees. We also partner with VetFran, which is an excellent resource for franchisees and franchisors

Fred Morache is the co-founder of Postal Connections, a business services franchise connecting consumers with convenient access to postal products, shipping, printing, creative services, copying, faxing, passport services, notary and shredding in more than 15 states, and iSOLD It, which provides consumer support for selling on eBay, Amazon and Craigslist. Visit Postal Connections online at and iSOLD It at

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