Military Skills Opened the Door to Leadership for this Vet

For J. Anthony Hobson, life as a Sergeant in the Marine Corps taught him essential skills for business leadership. As a veteran, Anthony had to face the difficulties of finding a career that fit his desire to lead. At OpenWorks, a national commercial cleaning franchise, he found a role helping fellow veterans succeed as franchise owners.

J. Anthony Hobson served in the Marine Corps from 1991 until 1997, eventually earning the role of Sergeant. After his service, Anthony decided to go back to school to finish his degree, and found work at a customer support call center.

He found “starting over” challenging, especially compared with the leadership roles he was used to in the Marines. Luckily, Anthony found OpenWorks, a national commercial cleaning franchise company headquartered in Phoenix, where he stepped into a corporate operations role that enabled him to serve the company with his leadership skills and smarts.

OpenWorks offers veterans transition from military life into civilian life through franchise ownership. What’s more, OpenWorks has recruiting systems in place and discounted rates that provide more support to veterans looking to begin in the franchise ownership business.

Anthony believes that choosing OpenWorks was a great decision for him and is certain it would be for all veterans.

“Veterans are often skilled communicators, leading small to large teams comprised of individuals from all walks of life, capable of accomplishing difficult missions,” says Hobson. “They can effectively follow a scope of work, communicate with customers of all types, train and lead staff members, and be organized and efficient.”

OpenWorks knows that veterans bring a certain skill set that most people do not have. Anthony found that many of the essential skills that veterans develop in their military career such as honesty, discipline, attention to detail and organization are useful in business.

Anthony’s journey from veteran to OpenWorks leader was not easy, but it completely changed his life. He realizes that to get to where he is, it takes a lot of hard work, but also, support from the community. Today, he participates in veteran’s organizations even outside of OpenWorks, to help veterans that were just like him in the beginning.

“I have found my military experience to be invaluable in my professional career, and often rely on skills I learned during my time in the Marine Corps to achieve my objectives. The franchise system is an outstanding choice for veterans from all branches of service, and we would be honored for them to consider becoming an OpenWorks Franchisee. Semper Fi!”

By J. Anthony Hobson, Vice President of  Strategic Business Operations at OpenWorks

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