Mike Soules: Us Air Force Veteran, Jiffy Lube Franchisee

A 20-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Mike Soules has always had a passion for all things mechanical and
Soules joined the U.S. Air Force as an aircraft mechanic, working to keep aircraft including the C5 and C141 flight ready. During his years of service, he managed the Air Force Base Self Help Program, supervising facility renovations, and he received recognition as one of the top Air Force recruiters in the country.
Shortly after retiring from the Air Force in 1996, Soules decided to utilize his passion for mechanical operations and his extensive leadership expertise by joining the nation’s leading fast lube provider, Jiffy Lube. Soules served as the manager of a Jiffy Lube service center located in Dover & Lewes, Del., for 12 years combined. After gaining
horough knowledge about the preventive maintenance business, Soules made “I’ve always wanted to partner with a company whose mission and values were consistent with mine and Jiffy Lube was a natural fit.” U.S. Air Force vete ran , Jiffy Lube franchisee the decision to become a Jiffy Lube franchisee.
“I’ve always wanted to partner with a company whose mission and values were consistent with mine and Jiffy Lube was a natural fit,” Soules said. “When the opportunity presented itself, I knew that the timing was right to take the plunge.”
In 2012, Soules and his wife, Sara, became first-time franchisees after purchasing an existing Jiffy Lube service center based in Lewes, Del. This family-owned business also includes their daughters Kim Soules, Erin Soules Rivera and son-in-law Jovan Rivera. Since opening the store, Soules has managed the service center. After two years in business, the Soules family has never looked back.
“We have truly enjoyed our experience working with Jiffy Lube and are grateful for our dedicated team of employees who have contributed to our growth,” said Soules. “Our business has brought us closer together as a family and has strengthened our relationship with the community. We couldn’t imagine not being part of such a dynamic brand.” Soules attributes his success in part to the ongoing support and training that Jiffy Lube provides to franchisees. “Jiffy Lube offers an award-winning training program that is second to none,” said Soules. “The company’s commitment to its franchisees has allowed us to focus on providing the best automotive preventive maintenance services to our growing customer base.”
Jiffy Lube International is a member of IFA’s VetFran program, which voluntarily offers financial incentives to veterans seeking to become franchise smallbusiness owners. Through VetFran, Jiffy Lube continues to help veteran franchisees find a path to business ownership. With a network of more than 2,000 franchised service centers across North America, serving 22 million customers each year, Jiffy Lube serves as the fast lube industry leader.
For more information visit: www.jiffylube.com

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