Massage Franchise Cultivates Strong Corporate Culture

For Massage Green Spa, having a robust corporate culture is the biggest key to success.

“I consider us a bunch of health and wellness warriors,” CEO and founder Allie Mallad said during an interview from the company’s headquarters in Southfield, MI. “We have an incredible culture of a lot of people who believe in our company’s mission statement, which is basically to motivate as many people as we can to incorporate massage therapy and infrared sauna therapy into their lifestyles on a monthly basis.”


With its main services of massage, infrared sauna and facials, Massage Green Spa is on the forefront of the health and wellness revolution currently going on, Mallad said.

Founded in October of 2008, Massage Green Spa began franchising in February 2009, opening its first franchise store in Tallahassee, FL.

Currently, the company has 53 franchisees, and 13 area developers that represent over 100 stores opened by the end of this year, plus over 1,000 more stores currently under development.

The original Massage Green Spa location opened out of necessity to fill a vacancy in a shopping mall Mallad owns in Dearborn, MI. As an ex-college athlete who believes physical fitness relates to mental fitness, he was happy to fill the vacant store in his shopping mall with a massage center, but he wanted to open one with a twist.

“One day while I was jogging, I started to think about massage therapy and what if I made it a luxury that everyone could afford,” he recalled. “So, I decided to open an upscale massage therapy location in my own shopping center and I wanted to make it where the entire community could afford it and one thing led to another and it became a tremendous success.”

Looking for Health and Wellness Warriors

The CEO said he’s looking for people who are hard-working, laser focused and who have what he called “the proper attitude”, which he described as someone who believes in health and wellness, wants to fulfill their own destiny and someone who is willing to embrace and protect the brand.

Great franchisees are self-motivated to make a difference in someone else’s life, he added, and Massage Green Spa franchisees should believe in the importance of educating people about the benefits of massage therapy in their lives.

A former franchisee for many different national brands, Mallad knows the importance of comprehensive training and support and Massage Green Spa provides both.

After talking to executive vice president of franchising sales, Jim Belanger, and coming to a mutual agreement that they’re a good fit for the franchise, potential franchisees are then taken through the franchising process and start looking for a suitable location, which Massage Green Spa assists them in doing.

Franchisees are trained via a two-week, intensive on-the-job training program that covers all aspects of running a business. The franchise also provides them with grand opening support in their first week, detailed manuals on every aspect of the business, plus continuous follow-up training programs, workshops and national conference calls that keep franchisees updated about policies, procedures and competitive information, as well as any industry updates.

Nationwide Availability

While the franchise is approaching 40 stores in its home state of Michigan, it also has stores in California (where it also has a headquarters in Riverside) Illinois, Connecticut, Texas, Florida, Colorado, Ohio, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin and Massachusetts.

Registered in all 50 states, the franchise has territories available right across the country.

The Massage Green Spa Difference

What Mallad prides himself on the most is the great corporate culture evident at Massage Green Spa, as it is full of people who believe in the company’s vision. The company also offers a career path to massage therapists. Since almost half of all Massage Green Spa stores are corporate, the company can easily give massage therapists a chance to become owners once they no longer want to perform massages by promoting from within the Massage Green Family.

“They’re like athletes, they can only go so long, but many massage therapists are in love with the industry,” he said. “They have a heart to give back and help people, so when they can no longer give massage therapy sessions, they have an opportunity to stay within the industry and stay within the company because we own so many stores and have so many opportunities to be promoted within our company.”

The value they offer consumers also sets the company apart, he noted, saying Massage Green Spa is the only massage center to offer an introductory $39.95 full body massage with no commitment to a 12-month contract.

Massage Green Spa also offers infrared sauna therapy, something not many other places can offer yet.

“We strongly feel that it is a health and wellness benefit that will take this country by storm,” Mallad said of their infrared sauna, which uses infrared heaters and light rather than steam like traditional saunas.

Massage Green Spa is always exploring new programs they can offer for health and wellness, one of the reasons the company has been named by Forbes as the up and coming massage therapy company of the future, and why sports teams like the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Lions and University of Michigan Athletics use Massage Green Spa as their official massage therapists.

With such a strong corporate culture, Massage Green Spa should have no problem attracting the health and wellness warriors it seeks.

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