Massage Envy Creates Success Envy

Imagine you are called away from your home base of New York to attend a grueling three-day tradeshow in Arkansas.

You spend hours generating contacts and cultivating business opportunities, all while standing on a thinly carpet veiled concrete floor and now your back is aching. If you were at home, you would go to your local massage therapist to receive your regular treatment for that chronic pain, but you are thousands of miles from home.

Well, what if you could go to a nationwide therapeutic massage and spa that has a record of your problem areas and treatment regime just as if you were in downtown Manhattan?

This is the world that Massage Envy Spa has created. The membership-based spa, which was recently recognized as the number one Best Franchise in its category by Forbes, is a billion-dollar brand with close to 1,000 locations in 49 states. As a pioneer in its industry, the company, “quite literally has set the standard to which other therapeutic massage businesses adhere,” said Joe Luongo, Massage Envy  Spa’s Chief Operating Officer (COO). The newly minted COO of the brand, relying on his experience with major brands such as Pizza Hut, Starbucks and FedEx Office, is working hard to ensure the scalability of their business model supports their explosive growth.

Massage Envy Spa’s franchisees are committed to offering their members and guests the best in customer service provided by the highest quality talent they can find. “We cater to a growing customer base looking to incorporate therapeutic massage and auxiliary spa services into their daily routine,” says Luongo. With monthly memberships ranging from $59.99 to $69.99 per month based on the region, it is an affordable luxury that over 1.5 million of their devoted members are enjoying.

Forging strategic partnerships with the leading massage therapy and esthetician schools in the country and creating a great environment allows Massage Envy Spa to maintain one of the highest retention levels in the industry. “We recognize the importance of providing highly trained individuals and with over 70 million massages and 3 million facial treatments performed to date, the market is benefiting from our acute focus on quality care,” says Luongo.

To help drive awareness and trial of the Massage Envy Spa brand experience, the company deploys marketing, advertising and PR programs at the national, regional and local level. These efforts are coordinated through an integrated calendar that aligns messaging, events and promotions across the network, while also giving regions and franchisees the opportunity to promote their businesses in unique ways that align with market needs and support organizations in their community.

Approximately 80 percent of Massage Envy Spa franchisees own multiple locations. “It is a testament to the careful consideration that goes into selecting the right individuals to own a location. Prospective franchise owners must realize Massage Envy Spa strives to make a difference in our member’s lives,” claims Joe. “It is this connective culture that has led in part to Massage Envy Spa’ eclipsing its nearest competitor by six times.”

With many exciting developments in recent years, such as a mobile app and an exclusive partnership with global skincare leader Murad®, Massage Envy Spa’s laser-focused mission to enrich the lives of their customers will undoubtedly propel further growth in the near future.

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