Long-Running Franchise Still Has Plenty of Opportunities Available

When it comes to franchises, few have become as famous or as widespread as quick serve sub sandwich restaurant Subway.

But even though the restaurant has been around for five decades and seems to be just about everywhere — from the biggest of cities to the smallest of towns — it still holds plenty of potential for the right entrepreneurs.

Those entrepreneurs would be people who have prior business experience, but not necessarily in the restaurant industry, Franchise Sales Manager Ralph Piselli said during a recent interview from the franchise’s headquarters in Milford, CT.

“We are seeking franchisees that have business, leadership management and operations experience,” Piselli said. “Food related experience while not required, would be a great asset. We also want franchisees who would be a great strategic partner.

Starting in Bridgeport, CT in 1965 as Pete’s Submarine, the restaurant started franchising in 1974 and now boasts a global reach with more than 44,000 restaurants in 111 countries, including over 30,000 in North America.

However, even with that sort of ubiquity, Subway still has room for growth.

We have franchise opportunities for both new and existing locations worldwide,” the Franchise Sales manager noted.

Subway has more locations than any other quick serve restaurant in the world. This is due, in part, because it offers customers what Piselli described as wholesome and nutritious options along with indulgent options for a great value.

And while it offers that to customers, what it offers to franchisees is a comprehensive training program that is split 50/50 between in-store and classroom training, site selection assistance, store design guidance, consistent help from corporate headquarters that includes a field representative onsite during opening and periodic evaluations.

Specifically for veterans, Subway will waive the franchise fee if a veteran opens a shop on a military/government location or reduce the franchise fee by 50 percent if they open one on a non-government location but are receiving government financing for veterans.

It’s such a lucrative offer for veterans than Entrepreneur magazine recently recognized the Subway chain as the second most beneficial franchise for veterans of any  franchise.

As for motivating franchisees, Piselli said, Subway does that through its continued commitment of developing great franchise owners and company employees.

Piselli holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business management from the University of new Haven. He’s been with the company for more than 30 years and said he sees the sandwich franchise continuing to be a leader in the quick serve restaurant industry.


Although the future looks bright for the restaurant franchise, it did receive some bad news recently due to the death of founder Fred DeLuca. Both Piselli and Sydney Griffin were quick to point to DeLuca’s guidance for expanding Subway into the global phenomenon it is today and influencing the way franchising itself is done.

“He was a trailblazer in the whole concept of franchises and it was because of his successful experience with franchising that so many franchises followed over the years.” Griffin said.
DeLuca set goals for expansion and was such a great leader that he inspired the entire Subway team to reach those goals, Piselli recalled. “He knew how to keep us focused  throughout the world,” Piselli said.
“We are seeking franchisees that have business, leadership management and operations experience. Food related experience is not required, however, it would be a great asset.” – Franchise Sales Manager Ralph Piselli.
Fred Deluca, SUBWAY’s Co- Founder passed away on September 14, 2015.

Now, it is up to employees, Development agents and Subway franchisees to carry on what the founder started 50 years ago. With rapid expansion and plenty of opportunities still left for entrepreneurs, it seems they will easily be able to continue what DeLuca started.


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