Lift Off: Spousal Team Now Owns Pirtek Space Coast, Launches New Location

The Space Coast of Brevard County, FL, has seen plenty of launches over the years.

One of the latest is the launch – or rather, the re-launch – of a Florida PIRTEK Service & Supply Center. PIRTEK Space Coast is under new ownership with a brand-new facility and location. The husband-and-wife team of Dan and Karin Ferretti is holding a ribbon-cutting and grand opening June 24.

Previously a corporate-run location, PIRTEK Space Coast will continue to serve the hydraulic hose maintenance and repair needs in Brevard County. The newly constructed center is at 1265 U.S. 1 in Rockledge.

“The potential is unlimited,” Dan Ferretti said. “It all depends on how much exposure you create for the business and raise its visibility.”

The only franchise of its kind in the United States, PIRTEK provides hydraulic and industrial hose replacement sales and services. There are 57 PIRTEK Service & Supply Centers and a fleet of Mobile Service Vehicles throughout the United States. Globally, PIRTEK has more than 400 locations and 2,000 Mobile Service Vehicles in 23 countries around the world.

“When a piece of industrial equipment ruptures a hose or needs other emergency hose maintenance, we send our vehicles to the site, where a trained, certified PIRTEK technician performs the work,” said Karin Ferretti, CFE, a member of the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives. “This prevents excessive downtime, which can cost businesses a lot of money. We help get things up and running again.”

The Ferrettis plan to pursue business in a number of industries: construction, transportation, ports and marine, defense, salt mining, among others. “The hydraulic industry is a hidden market. There’s a wide diversity of businesses that use hydraulic hoses, they’re everywhere,” Dan Ferretti said. “We expect to have a strong presence here.”

A native of Long Island, one of Dan Ferretti’s early jobs was working with his father on the family electrical business. But he dreamed of having a business of his own. “I’ve always had the desire to lead my own group of employees and to go out, do something and make a difference,” he said. “I believe this is that opportunity.”

Also raised on Long Island, Karin Ferretti has worked at PIRTEK’s corporate headquarters for 14 years. That experience helped her identify the most critical factors that lead to a successful franchise. “After so many years of working in this business and observing franchise owners, I became convinced that adhering closely to the company’s plan is critical,” she said. “The key to success is to follow PIRTEK’s well-honed franchisee business model. It’s as simple as that.”

Being married to a PIRTEK franchise development team member, Dan Ferretti got a close look at how the franchises run. He was also impressed with the high level of cooperation among the franchise owners. PIRTEK quickly became an obvious choice.

“With my wife working for PIRTEK corporate and seeing how well the franchises did, I wanted a PIRTEK franchise of my own,” he said. “When the corporate office was ready to make the Space Coast franchise available, I said, ‘Hey, I’d like to buy that.’ The rest is history, as they say.”

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