Life Needs More Frosting: Brand Equity Brings Sweeter Rewards

It’s been almost thirty years since Rich and Greg Komen created ‘the world’s best cinnamon roll’.
After tracking down the most flavorful cinnamon they made their own signaturized Makara Cinnamon. Once they perfected their recipe, they opened their first Cinnabon Bakery in Seattle, WA back in 1985.
The windy city was able to savor the bounty of the best cinnamon rolls, however the rest of the world was waiting – but not for long. Over a generation of franchising development built on respect and trust has brought layers of growth at home and around the world.

The sweetness of their success is like a frosted layer.
Today, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Cinnabon Inc., has 1200 locations in 57 countries across the world. The Komen’s dream of creating the world’s best cinnamon roll has been shared, enjoyed and served warm on kitchen tables in homes around the globe. They like to call it ‘making wonderful memories with family and guests’. It’s true.
As consumers of Cinnabon products, they offer a heavenly experience. Regardless of its calorie packed goodness or sweetness, we will que in line to savor their famous Classic Roll, or be tempted by their Caramel Pecanbon. We can even bring them home, as most of us do in the CinnaPacks or Cinnabon Sticks. To tantalize the consumer with more choice, they have introduced speciality beverages such as Mochalatta Chill and various flavours of Chillattas. And that’s not all.
“We’re building the world’s greatest indulgent food brand,” says Kat Cole, President, Cinnabon Inc. “It is about leveraging the brand for market and product expansion. It is about opening new franchises, selling consumer package goods and licensing Cinnabon products to other restaurants,” she adds.
It is about market segmentation, market expansion, product differentiation and brand.
They have invested in their brand. They understand the importance of loyalty, reputation and image in doing business.Above all, they support their staff, guests, partners and communities in which they share their belief that life needs more frosting. It is about sharing happy moments built on respect and trust.
Those interested in joining the Cinnabon Inc., franchise family need to appreciate the growth strategy Cole is undertaking, and most of all, have the investment to operate and the ability to manage people while serving customers with asmile. Franchisees around the world have a faultless system for operations, service, and of course, the resources both capital and leadership with a world-wide brand recognition that is priceless – and a growing consumer demand for their speciality and differentiated products. China and Brazil have launched their first
bakeries with more to come over the next five years. “It is beyond the immediate consumption,” says Cole.
Global retail sales of Cinnabon products is a $1 billion business. Cole has helped Cinnabon move its business from the world malls and align business relationships, deals and licensing – adding more frosting to the business, market, and product development while offeringover 72 products in the grocery aisles. “It is beyond differentiation. It is product innovation.

It is about offering choice and product availability through multi consumer channels,” adds Cole.
The Cinnabon Team is dedicated to diversifying Cinnabon products and moving their business from a mall bakery to restaurants through licensing arrangements – Taco Bell Delights golden bite size pastries or drive in mini rolls at Burger King. “We are becoming one of the world’s greatest food brands. It is continuing to grow the franchise business globally and using that as the driver for brand equity”, says Cole. She adds, “it is what people
know and love.”
Then there’s leveraging the brand to develop products in the packaged product lines and foster partnerships with respected and recognizable brands in the marketplace. Cinnabon Inc., can boast it has 72 products in consumer packaged goods in a grocery near you. There are the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls in which each can is made with Cinnabon Makara Cinnamon. Then, there’s the Kellogg’s Cinnabon cereal. Even coffee lovers can have a taste of Cinnabon. International Delight offers a Cinnabon creamer. Cinnabon Inc., says life needs more frosting. Consumers, customers or guests know the experience Cinnabon products offers us. It is sweet! It is good! It makes
us feel good! It makes us feel happy! Their brand equity and growth makes it all the more sweeter for those exploring new growth opportunities. This is one to grab hold, savor, and leverage using experience, skill, leadership, and a brand we all know.
Consider there are over 1.4 billion people in China and almost 200 million people in Brazil waiting to savor Cinnabon products. We want to build happy memories. The potential is endless. It is to promote that life needs more frosting, and enjoying the sweet rewards it brings.
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