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Liberty Tax Service is the fastest-growing tax preparation franchise in the business. With our iconic Lady Liberty Wavers and a commitment to community service, Liberty Tax takes a different approach to the typically staid tax business. Our three business tenets tell it all: Set the Standard, Improve Each Day, and Have Some Fun!

If you have ever driven by a Liberty Tax location, you may have seen our smiling, dancing marketing representatives waving at you. This idea was based on “Guerrilla Marketing,” the books and teachings of the late Jay Conrad Levinson touting unique, unconventional, even disruptive approaches to marketing. For us, that meant fun and friendly, says CEO John T. Hewitt in his new book “iCompete: My Extraordinary Strategy for Winning.”

“Over the years, I asked hundreds of people, ‘When you had the costume on, did you notice people treated you differently?’ Unanimously people said, ‘Yes!’ People honked, smiled and waved back. This was especially true for franchisees that visited another business. Without a costume, they are often shooed out with a stern warning – no solicitation. But our wavers are rarely asked to leave because people are interested to know what’s going on. A costumed character attracts positive attention. Across the country, many local newspapers and television stations have featured our wavers.”

They’ve also sought expert advice from Liberty owners and highlighted Liberty’s service in the community. Part of our corporate culture includes “giving back to the less fortunate.” Our franchisees offer free seminars at neighborhood associations and Chambers of Commerce. They host community events throughout the year and especially during tax season. They’ve raised money for families whose homes were destroyed by fire and fed the hungry through partnerships with local food banks.

They’ve built businesses that are part of the community and that people trust because, along with the fun stuff, Liberty does great work. We provide accurate tax preparation services with a money back guarantee.

Liberty franchisees are all different. They’re retirees, CPAs, full-time Moms, bankers and insurance pros. For all their differences, they do share a few common beliefs — they embrace the challenge of being self-employed and believe in following a proven system that will lead them to succeed.

Liberty Tax CEO John T. Hewitt – from “iCompete: My Extraordinary Strategy for Winning”

My father, Dan Hewitt, was a frustrated entrepreneur. He had a desire to run his own business, but he had bills that needed to be paid now. He worked full-time in finance, ran a small income tax business on the side, and completed graduate school. Dad was successful by any standard, and for as long as I can remember, he wanted to work for himself, to be his own boss.

Like my father, you may be born with an entrepreneurial spirit, but have bills that need to be paid yesterday. My father and I learned the secret of being a hired hand to generate that immediate income. However we both took a different approach to being an employee in someone else’s business. I believe that when you work for someone else, you work for yourself. Act as if you are the owner.

At Liberty Tax, I teach franchise owners and employees what it takes to be winners – to be No. 1. I do my best to inspire my team every day, many times arguing and challenging them to do what others won’t. On average, every other day during tax season I hold conference calls for all of our franchisees to help them set the standard in their communities, increase profitability and, most importantly, create raving fans through second-to-none customer service.

I look for potential owners who want to be part of a bigger vision: to change people’s lives. That’s what we do at Liberty Tax.

Liberty Tax Owners, Eric and Becky Elder – from Give Me Liberty magazine

Ask Eric and Becky Elder about their success, and Becky will respond: “The Lord has used Liberty Tax and John’s system to drastically change our lives.”

Like most Americans, the Great Recession had affected their family. Becky’s two cousins were headed to foster care until Becky and Eric gained temporary guardianship. Then Eric was laid off from his corporate job. They had a house full of growing children, four of their own and two of Becky’s cousins. They needed a solution.

“As soon as we heard John speak at the Virginia Beach Liberty Tax Open House, we knew this was something we could do,” Eric said. The Elders became Liberty Tax franchisees with a commitment. Their life experience had shown them how challenging it can be for families still struggling to recover from the recession. So now through Liberty Tax, they reach out to help in their community. Their very first partnership was with a church in the Albany, Georgia area. They helped raise money for the church’s building program.

Becky and Eric finished last tax season – their third- with four liberty locations. And they opened four more new stores this tax season. Their long-term goal had been to open five locations in five years. Now they hope to have 10 locations in five years. “We want to grow this into a family business,” Eric said. “Actually, with all these kids, we need an empire.”

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