Jdog Junk Removal & Hauling Reduces Franchise Buy-in Costs

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling, a national junk removal franchise owned and operated exclusively by Veterans and their family members, has a new, reduced franchise fee model that gives more Veterans the opportunity to become business owners.

The new model offers three tiers of franchise ownership based on market size and location: $10,000 franchise fee for markets up to $50,000 people, $20,000 franchise fee for markets up to 100,000 people, and $35,000 franchise fee for markets of up to 200,000 people.

That effectively means Veterans in regions such as Juneau, Alaska; Augusta, Maine; Bismarck, North Dakota; and Helena, Montana have more affordable access to business ownership through JDog.

Why franchising — and JDog — makes sense for Veterans

For veterans, franchising takes the guesswork out of starting a business. Business owners receive a tried-and-true blueprint for how to open and manage a successful business, and benefit from the tools, support, and economies of scale that a franchise system offers. Additionally, a franchise’s built-in structure and hierarchy offers a similar system of accountability and reporting as the military, making the transition from military to the civilian business world smoother.

And yet, despite these benefits as well as the the training, worth ethic, and leadership experience Veterans gain in the military that qualify them to own and operate their own businesses, many Veterans never take the leap. Often the limiting factor is finances. JDog’s new pricing structure aims to eliminate this barrier.

Its low start-up costs and high margins give franchisees the confidence to manage and grow their operations, and the recession-proof nature of the junk removal business provides confidence in longevity. For Veterans who may not have other practical or formal business experience, the ongoing operational training, web support, call routing, and other tools JDog provides further positions Veteran business owners for success.

Further, as a strong proponent of Veteran employment, JDog cultivates a natural camaraderie among Veterans and an environment in which they can thrive. JDog’s camouflaged uniforms and trucks provide the comfort of familiarity, while the company’s commitment to service enables employees to unite with their Veteran brothers and sisters in a common mission.

The future of JDog

Jerry Flanagan, an Army Veteran, and his wife Tracy opened the first JDog in Paoli, PA in 2011. The concept took off, and in the seven years since, JDog has grown to 200 active franchises across 31 states, making it the country’s fastest growing junk removal business.

The organization’s new, lower franchise fee model makes business ownership more accessible and affordable for the country’s 20.4 million Veterans.

For more information about JDog Junk Removal & Hauling and how you can take advantage of the new franchise fee model, visit www.jdogfranchises.com.

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