It’s Our Birthday!

When you tell somebody it’s your birthday, they inevitably want to know how old you are.  In our case, The Interface Financial Group, it’s no secret – on April 11th, we will be celebrating 45 years of continuous business since completing our first transaction.

We are a unique financial service company helping businesses grow and reach their own potential faster.

We are involved in accelerating their cash flow, thus providing the all-important energy that the company needs to grow.  Cash flow acceleration is nothing new, it’s been around many many years.  However, The Interface Financial Group developed a method of not only perfecting the service for a specific business niche, but also creating a franchise opportunity around the service – the first and still the only service of its kind in the franchise world.

It all started as we say 45 years ago when the founder of the company, Mr. John Sheehy, purchased some invoices from his client who needed the cash immediately (rather than waiting for his customer to pay) to deal with wages and supplier payments.  John created the system based on buying invoices rather than lending money to the client and, as such, The Interface Financial Group was born.

That was 1972, and since that time much has happened in terms of our own growth as well as the growth of literally thousands of our client companies.  We now operate on an international basis, growing from our North American roots with operations in the UK and Ireland and Australia.  We also plan to grow even beyond our current eight country operations, and develop other international markets in the near future.

In most companies and organizations, a 45-year time span would represent an opportunity for extensive change and innovation.  That may not be altogether true for The Interface Financial Group. 45 years on, and we are still offering the same service to our clients that we did right from day one.  Some people might see this as a lack of imagination in terms of our own outlook and growth, we, on the other hand, see it as a consolidation of knowledge and a testimony to the systems and procedures that are in place and continue to work extremely well for both our clients and our franchisees.

While we continue to offer the same service under basically the same parameters, much has however changed in our delivery approach.  Technology has played an ever-increasing part in our own growth and development.  And, while our underlying service remains the same, the way we deliver and execute that service has changed radically, especially over the past few years.  In reviewing some of our material from 2011, it stated that we could complete our due diligence for a new transaction in approximately five business days.  We have now reduced the five business days, which was at the time in itself a short period, down to a matter of hours rather than days. This rapid funding approach is, needless to say, something that is always important when a business is looking for a new funding opportunity.

It may be said, therefore, that there are some values in the established standards, especially when you couple them together with today’s technology.  The Interface Financial Group continues to grow and explore new market opportunities with the aid of cutting edge technology.  The Interface Financial Group franchise is a blend of people and technology and, as such, the group is always looking for individuals with an entrepreneurial outlook interested in owning their own business in the financial service sector, but under the umbrella of a mature and established franchise organization.

The Interface Financial Group, through their franchise group offers a financial service that would not be considered unique.  However when you look at the service in the context of a franchise opportunity, it certainly is a one-of-a-kind situation.  Much of the ongoing success of the franchise is built around the aspect of doing things together.  Both franchisee and franchisor engage in all transactions together, thus spreading the workload and enabling the franchisees to enjoy a virtually paperless franchise. Working together also creates an extensive comfort zone for franchisees as they build their own franchise.

If you would like to celebrate with us and be part of our continuing growth – maybe not for the next 45 years, but certainly in the shorter term – then give some thought to the ultimate professional franchise – The Interface Financial Group.

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