Inxpress Develops New In-House Global Shipping Platform

InXpress, a global business-to-business shipping and logistics franchise has developed an in-house software platform, Webship+, to better serve its 30,000 customers worldwide. With a shipment every seven seconds, the company created its own intuitive global shipping software for user-friendly flexibility and in-house control to make future modifications.

When redesigning and creating its own easy-to-use online portal, the franchise factored in customer feedback and franchisee insight from the Brand Development Council. InXpress built Webship+ off of key existing features from its previous software, like the bulk upload tool, world-class AWS hosting, traffic light tracking system and easy integration with e-commerce platforms to save SMEs time, money and hassle.

“The enhanced system provides customers with greater flexibility in speed, a cleaner interface and additional features that make it easier for customers to do business with us,” said Paul Knott, chief operating officer of InXpress.”

Some of the customer-centric features Knott mentions include mobile access, accurate quote comparison based on real-time data, simple invoices and increased service availability.

“InXpress franchisees focus on providing a true partnership with their customers, especially in times like this,” said Dustin Hansen, chief executive officer of InXpress Americas. “With our advanced proprietary platform our franchisees and customers have visibility into what’s available, fast quotes and the ability to quickly communicate with each other and eliminate the frustration of an overwhelmed 1-800 number.”

As an essential business, SMEs have real needs right now and its in-house technology positions InXpress to adapt with the customer needs. InXpress is committed to constant innovation to better serve and assist customers.

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