Why Should You Invest in a Niche Franchise?

Investing in a franchise is an exciting venture, and can be a very rewarding and profitable experience.

There are a number of benefits to investing in a franchise, but one of the most difficult decisions you have to make is selecting a franchise that is the right fit for you. There are countless franchise opportunities and markets an entrepreneur can choose from, and finding the right one can mean the difference between building a strong, long-lasting business or struggling to keep the lights on. One of the areas you’re likely to find a sound investment is within niche businesses, where your competition is comparatively thin.

When you choose a niche franchise like fence contracting, you’re getting involved in something that often times isn’t part of a massive franchise industry like restaurants or retail outlets. In fact, when it comes to fence franchises, you’re looking at only a few in the entire U.S. That’s despite the fact the fence construction market is a $6 billion industry, employing more than 40,000 workers. The market was greatly impacted by the housing market crash, but since 2011, disposable income has increased and new house starts have grown, bringing success to construction-related businesses like fence contracting. Projecting into the future, analysts project market growth in the fence construction industry through 2020.[1]

Given that scarcity, you might ask yourself why you should commit your hard-earned money to something like that?

The answer: precisely because there aren’t a lot of other franchises. When entering a niche franchise market, your competition typically is scarce in comparison to more popular franchise markets like food and retail. Though it may be a fruitful industry, most entrepreneurs are unaware of the niche market, and thusly are hesitant to get involved in something less ubiquitous than a franchise found on every street corner. However, investing in something like a fence franchise provides an opportunity to develop a business without combating the efforts of a large number of competitors already established in your area.

In the best case scenarios, your niche business may be the only one in a particular location, meaning that clients will choose you over companies that offer similar services but are farther away. For example, operating a fence company closer to your customers (especially in the Orlando area where nearly everyone has a residential pool) means the ability to set competitive prices and offer exclusivity that can help you start establishing a clientele quickly. Embrace a customer-first business model like Fence Dynamics, and you’ll soon have the loyalty you need to turn your franchise investment into a living, breathing small business.

As in the case of fence businesses, if you do have competitors, they will often be mom and pop shops. While these business-owners are often experienced and successful, they won’t have the kind of established policies, procedures and protocols that help a new business be successful right out of the gate – or fence, as it were.

Another reason to choose a niche franchise is the opportunity to become a leader within your niche industry. Investing in a larger business market, like food or retail, means you will always be competing against a large number of business-owners with the same or similar expertise as you. When you choose a niche franchise business, you can easily become the go-to person in your local area for a particular body of knowledge. Fence and construction-based franchise opportunities give you the chance to do just that, while also providing a valuable service to residents of your region.

Blase Bisceglia is the president and CEO of Fence Dynamics, the premier fencing franchise in Southwest Florida. Blase has more than 25 years of experience with the nation’s leading building companies, and is now the owner and operating of both Fence Dynamics and Tarpon Bay General Contracting.


[1] http://www.ibisworld.com/industry/default.aspx?indid=2022

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