Internet Pioneer Donates $1 Million to Fund a Center and Support Services for Veterans at University of Baltimore

In 2013, University of Baltimore alumnus Bob Parsons, B.S. ’75, D.H.L. ’08, founder and then-executive chairman of Go Daddy, made a $1 million gift to establish a veterans center at the University of Baltimore.

“I attended University of Baltimore on the G.I. Bill after returning from Vietnam,” Parsons said at the time of the donation. “The discipline that I gained in the military, coupled with the University’s commitment to veterans’ re-entry into civilian life, enabled me to be successful in my studies and beyond. The new Bob Parsons Veterans Center will provide the facilities, staff and programs which will allow the University to exponentially increase their reach and make veteran advocacy part of their core mission.”

“The importance of veterans to our campus cannot be overstated,” said UB President Kurt Schmoke. “It’s not only that they remind us of the meaning of commitment and the value of service – it’s that they show by their example that the future is bright, for ourselves and for our nation. Just look at what the generosity of Bob and Renee Parsons started here at UB – look at how these veteran students, their friends and families have made it such an impactful, special place. We’re all proud of our vets, proud of the work that’s being done to help those who have returned from conflict. We always will welcome them to the University of Baltimore.”

More than 35,000 veterans in Maryland alone have returned from conflicts in the Middle East, and that number is expected to grow in the coming years as troop deployments are decreased. While students who have served in the military are known for their training, discipline, perseverance, teamwork and dedication, an important part of their transition to civilian life can involve targeted coaching, job placement training and additional education.

The Bob Parsons Veterans Center addresses veterans’ needs, including academic advising, guidance on financial aid and veterans benefits, and career counseling through graduation and beyond. In addition, The Bob Parsons Veterans Advocacy Clinic focuses on veterans’ legal issues, building on the UB School of Law’s successful clinical program, which is ranked 17th nationally by U.S. News & World Report.

The University of Baltimore is a member of the University System of Maryland and comprises the College of Public Affairs, the Merrick School of Business, the UB School of Law and the Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences.

For additional information about The Bob Parsons Veterans Center and the wide range of veterans’ services available, visit

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