Innovation, Robotics and the Rebirth of the Consumer Frozen Yogurt Experience

Based in San Diego California, Generation NEXT Franchise Brands is a company focused on both the innovation and evolution of the franchise vending industry. Started in 2010 as Fresh Healthy Vending, Inc., they were the first-to-market with their non-traditional approach to offering fresh healthy options within vending machines across the United States and abroad. Challenging the sugar-laden machines that blanketed the market, the new concept provided consumers choices that included natural, organic and tasty snacks such as raw granolas, mixed fruits, sports drinks, juices, protein shakes and bars.

Attracting both consumers, as well as savvy entrepreneurs looking for minimal entry franchise opportunities, the company grew their first concept to over 3000 machines across the country, showcasing their Fresh Healthy Vending machines in premiere locations such as schools, businesses, YMCA’s, college campuses and hospitals.

From that success, Generation NEXT Franchise Brands was founded and quickly became recognized as an innovator and leader in the development of new franchise vending concepts. An identity which was solidified by the growth of Fresh Healthy Vending and its strong corporate initiative to further transform vending technology and elevate the consumer experience.

Seeing The Future…Again

Soon after launching Fresh Healthy Vending, Chairman and founder Nick Yates, explored the open landscape for future franchise opportunities to expand the company portfolio and revolutionize the vending franchise industry. Yates, whose background within the vending arena went back 20-plus years, kept a close eye on what consumers and more importantly franchisees, wanted in the marketplace. Frozen yogurt was in high demand, with both consumers and individuals looking to enter the franchise marketplace.

Recognizing the potential to fill this void with a unique concept delivered by breakthrough technology, Yates began working on a business strategy that would instantly create a quality product with advanced robotic innovation, benefiting both consumers and franchise operators.

“We began a concerted effort to become disruptors in the marketplace,” says Yates. “We knew we wanted to revolutionize frozen yogurt and do it in a big way. By utilizing vending as the vehicle we began to visualize the perfect strategy to accomplish our goals. The development of the world’s first robotic frozen yogurt vending machine. One which would deliver frozen yogurt the way it was meant to be.”

Froyo Meets Robo

The result of that vision?  The company’s newest, ground-breaking franchise marvel: the Reis & Irvy’s Froyo Robot. The world’s first robotic frozen yogurt vending machine introduces the perfect combination of quality froyo with groundbreaking robotic technology. As the company states in many of its communications, it’s frozen yogurt done right, with a self-contained vending unit capable of delivering on-demand customized frozen yogurt creations to on-the-go-consumers in almost any environment. The amazing robot delivers premium frozen yogurt creations within 60 seconds or less. It features two soft-serve options, the Reis & Irvy’s Froyo Robots offer both traditional premium froyo and a premiere non-fat, gluten free, frozen fruit froyo, made with 100 percent fruit juice. Whether consumers are looking for a delectable treat or a refreshing healthy option, the Froyo Robots cater to virtually any flavor palate. Offering over 82 possible flavor combinations and a choice of six delicious toppings, the “Red Box” sized kiosks have truly given rise to a new era of the frozen yogurt experience. Now customers in almost any environment – malls, shopping centers, movie theaters, college campuses, corporate offices or theme parks – can enjoy frozen yogurt  without lines, weighing cups and quantities, or the crowded “sneeze-guarded” buffet line of brick and mortar concepts.

An Instant Sensation at Any Destination

Even more exciting than the machine itself was the vision to offer the “Reis & Irvy’s Experience” as a unique and exclusive franchise opportunity for both entrepreneurs and premiere locations domestically and internationally. Select and qualified business owners may now purchase Froyo Robots in packages of four and eight machines. This not only opens the door to profits, but the chance to be first-to-market with a first-of-a-kind technology. Since the launch Reis & Irvy’s in April of this year, the company has averaged over 20 new franchisees a month, with demand for the Froyo Robots growing substantially on a daily basis. At the root of the buzz? The dual benefits to both the franchisee, as well as the location in which the robot is placed, represent a powerful combination of profits and entertainment value that pays dividends to owners, operators, locations, and customers in multiple ways.

The Froyo Robot truly delivers a “food theater” experience to consumers with its interactive platforms, customer interface and process of delivery. An experience that attracts children, adults and people of all ages by assembling customized frozen yogurt creations in full view of the consumer and with intricate precision. Early customers have lined up just to experience the process and people walking by the units are immediately drawn into its engaging operation and performance. In turn, its attractive, captive and repeat audience benefit both franchisee and host location with a “win-win” situation. Captive customers equal repeat customers. Repeat customers equal consistent and increased foot traffic. Increased foot traffic means additional profits per square foot, destination awareness, brand exposure and ultimately the ability for any retail, business or attraction location to increase their product offerings and value to customers.

A Commitment to Success and Growth

These benefits (to both a franchisee and host location) drive the passion and commitment of the Reis & Irvy’s brand by Generation NEXT Franchise Brands to go above and beyond in terms of support and operations. As the Reis & Irvy’s concept continues its expansion across the United States and Internationally, the corporate team remains dedicated to providing an opportunity and a franchise model which promotes the highest level of opportunity and success for its brand ambassadors. Focused on turn-key solutions for new and existing franchisees, the company provides a wealth of resources, tools and standards that help pave the way for successful placement, operation, support and management within the marketplace. This includes:

• Location Procurement

• Comprehensive Training

• Operations and Logistical Support

• National Marketing and Branding Support

With all of these amazing product features, franchise support and benefits, it’s no wonder the rebirth of one of the world’s most desired treats will soon be delivered by the robotic hand of Reis & Irvy’s. Momentum for the product continues to grow consistently within the market since its launch in April of this year. Currently Generation NEXT Franchise Brands reports that Reis & Irvy’s has already built a network of over 85 exclusive newly appointed franchisees across the United States, a number that continues to grow on a monthly basis. Additionally, Generation NEXT Franchise Brands has announced the development and implementation of a national marketing and advertising campaign, both to support its franchise network as well as bolster brand awareness and loyalty among potential franchisees, interested host locations and consumers.

Generation NEXT, The Future of Frozen Yogurt and You.

With the current success of the Reis & Irvy’s franchise concept, Generation NEXT Franchise Brands continues to move forward in the development of both technology and franchise opportunities. As the company maintains its original Fresh Healthy Vending franchise network while focusing on the expansion of the newly launched Reis & Irvy’s brand concept, they have also announced the addition of a third brand concept launching in 2017: 19 Degrees Premium Frozen Yogurt. Another step in the evolution of one of America’s favorite desserts and one which will open new doors to large retail, big box and corporate partnerships. Generation NEXT is truly paving the way for both vending…and the return of a delicious favorite.

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