Hypoxi: A Highly Lucrative Franchise

The Hypoxi business chain has already proven to be a highly lucrative franchise business in over 50 countries and
now it aims to break into the United States in a big way.
The company’s representatives in North America — headquartered in Charlotte, NC — are optimistic about the opportunities for Hypoxi that abound in the market.
But, what exactly is Hypoxi?
Not a gym, not a fitness center and not a weight loss plan, Hypoxi is a body shaping system that uses low impact exercise, special vacuum and compression equipment and nutrition to target problem areas on the body like fat pads on the stomach, hip, buttocks and thighs. It also reduces cellulite and weak connective tissue.
The key to the Hypoxi method is that it uses lipid metabolism to reduce these pesky fat deposits on the body, which
traditional methods of dieting and strenuous exercise cannot.
The method was developed in the 1990s by Dr. Norbert Egger in Salzburg, Austria and while the details of how it works can get a bit technical, it’s the results that people are interested in.
Typically, a person will come into a Hypoxi center and undergo treatment for six to eight weeks coming in two to three times per week. She will be guided by a licensed Hypoxi coach to use the equipment and follow a specified nutritional plan.
Head of franchising Mark Street explained a common scenario in a recent interview from the Charlotte headquarters. “I’ll give you the best example I can. Sometimes you get women in who are getting ready for a wedding. So, you’ve got the bride and the mother of the bride and the wedding is in eight weeks and they want to look good,” Street said. “The mother has spent $2,000 on her dress and the bride has spent however much she’s spent on her dress and they don’t mind spending a few hundred dollars to look good in those dresses in that finite amount of time.”
Typically, a customer will get the look they want after an eight week session and be done with the program. With Hypoxi, people can lose a dress or pant size in this short amount of time and reshape their bodies so they’re more to their liking without a lot of strenuous exercise. It’s this ease of use and the quick results that has propelled Hypoxi’s success in the 50 countries it’s already present in. Street, business partner Warren Bickers and Mandelynn DeLuca the company’s head trainer, are eager to see Hypoxi have similar success in the USA.
Thus far, Hypoxi has just two studios open in the country in Charlotte and Houston and are in negotiations with a possible franchisee in Los Angeles.
While the brand has been State-side since 2010, the studios that are here were operating mostly independently. The
Charlotte studio has been folded into the company and the Houston studio will be soon. Hypoxi only started looking for franchisees in the US this year. “Someone who would be a good fit for a Hypoxi franchisee,” Street said, “is a woman who has a high interest in owning and operating her own business and who really cares about how her business changes people’s lives.” “Since the clientele for Hypoxi is primarily women,” Street noted, “the company is specifically targeting women as potential franchisees in an owner/ operator format.” The company is open to welcoming more investment-type franchise operations in the future. Becoming a franchisee is a simple process once a person is approved. The new franchisee provides a $5,000 deposit and does her due diligence to look for an appropriate location for the studio. Once a location is chosen, the contracts are
finalized and the new franchisee visits Charlotte for a few days of training there.
The training then continues at the new location for another few days. “So far,” Street said, “there has been a lot of interest from potential franchisees, as the health and beauty industry continues
to boom.”
“For women who are looking for more than just profit, Hypoxi allows them to offer a service that makes customers genuinely happy,” Street said. “The gratitude that customers display when they see their results is the real draw to potential franchisees.” And with Hypoxi just getting its franchising arm up and running in the American market, now is the right time to get involved.
For more information visit: website: www.hypoxi.net

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