How Instagram Significantly Helps Small Businesses

Instagram has, for the last few years, become instrumental for many small businesses. Instagram has become an invaluable asset, which is what we will hope to demonstrate in this article. For those of you who do not know what Instagram is [do you live under a rock?] then I will briefly explain it to you:

Instagram is a social media application that has been running for just over a decade now. It is an application that has seized the interest of millions of users. It allows people to post photographs of themselves and gives them the opportunity to create a platform of self-expression for themselves.

In this article, we will tell you how Instagram can be of significant help to small businesses in particular. Instagram is an application that not only helps people express themselves but equally, helps small businesses to market and advertise themselves.

Here is how Instagram significantly helps small businesses.

Bio Linking

On Instagram one of the most beneficial tools afforded to businesses is the ability to advertise their other social media accounts and websites through bio linking. Linking to other accounts through an account bio, according to Link In Bio, can be a great asset. This can enable businesses to share their other accounts and let their users know that they are present on more than one platform. Bio linking is a great asset that can be highly beneficial to small businesses and can enable them to build a larger presence on social media.


Another of the many benefits of Instagram is the exposure that it affords small businesses. As a small business, it can be very difficult to build a name for yourself and attain exposure. With social media, however, this can happen overnight. Social media affords a level of exposure that cannot be achieved anywhere else. Exposure is a great asset and a great benefit. It is one that cannot be overlooked when it comes to social media and is, perhaps, the most beneficial tool afforded to businesses when it comes to social media. Social media exposure is fantastic.


Social media enables small businesses to directly contact their key demographic. This, like the other reasons mentioned, is one of the benefits offered by social media that cannot be rivalled. Social media allows everybody to contact their demographic immediately, without issue. Contacting one’s demographic is a powerful asset and can allow a business to get into direct communication with their target demographic. Before social media, businesses would have to rely on word of mouth to get interest in their business and get the attention from their demographic, especially if their demographic were hard to reach. Social media, for this reason alone, is worthwhile.

In-App Purchases

Instagram has, in the last few years, created an option for in-app purchases. This means that small businesses who have significant followings on Instagram will be able to generate income directly from Instagram. Instagram allows people to now purchase products directly from their favourite businesses Instagram pages. This has proven to be an invaluable asset and has generated a significant amount of income for small businesses. In-app purchases have completely changed the way that small businesses use Instagram – no more is it simply a marketing venture, but rather, it is now a viable source of revenue.


Moving away slightly from social media being used by the businesses themselves to how it can help businesses brings us to the subject of influencers. Influencers are an invaluable asset to businesses. They are, in a way, social media celebrities who have gained large followings. They then use these followings to their advantage and market products and businesses for sponsorship money. Influencers will market any business providing that you pay them and this gives you a direct window, not only to your demographic but to people who may also enjoy your business but that are not in your demographic.


Social media gives, as has been mentioned throughout this article, businesses a platform to express themselves. This, providing it is done properly, is an invaluable asset. Instagram specifically enables businesses to create a presence through photography and enables them to keep in direct contact with their customers, forging bonds and relationships that otherwise could not take place. Social media is a great way for businesses to build a name for themselves as has been demonstrated through this article. Social media is here to stay and we can only predict that it will become more helpful over time.

In this article, we hope to have explained how social media can be of benefit to small businesses. Social media is a great tool – as we have demonstrated. We do thank you kindly for reading this article and we hope you will join us again soon and read the other articles that we have to offer.

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