How Amazon Sellers Keep Track of Their Orders

To an inspiring business owner, there is nothing valuable than a satisfied customer. Not only is this testimony of the high quality of your service and products but it is also what makes a first-time buyer a loyal buyer. With over 300 million active clients in more than 180 countries, Amazon is a trustworthy partner of numerous businesses big and small.

Whether you’re an emerging or a well-established brand, Amazon will welcome you and will allow you to market your products to a wide-ranging audience. Part of creating a satisfactory customer experience is providing your buyers with the best possible experience. That’s why sellers need to keep track of their orders.

Let’s see what are the ways in which Amazon sellers can follow the offered merchandise.      

What is an FBA Program?

Being a seller online, you have to deal with things like inventory and delivery. Those who decide to use Amazon as the platform to market their products will have to select the way they’ll do these important actions. They can choose to maintain inventory and take care of shipment on their own. However, there is also an option to conduct these tasks through FBA or Fulfilment by Amazon program.

With over 175 centers of storage, the FBA will save you from thinking about where to keep your inventory. As a member of this program, you will have the right to store your products in this space. The company is using numerous delivery systems to get the bought item to the buyer’s door as swiftly as possible.

FBA Software Tools

If you want to make it, you have to level up and be conscious of your customer needs. As stated by the experts from Infinite FBA, multiple tools at the sellers’ disposal will help you grow your business. This field is constantly changing and if you want to always be in the loop, using these methods is the best option to improve your sales and your company.


With CitySprint you can track your orders from the moment its journey starts until they reach their final destination. Known and awarded for the high quality of services, this company has partnered with some of the greatest brands. They can take care of the logistics on both national and international fields. After over 10 years of being in the business, this company was able to prove itself as a trustworthy provider of tracking services.

They are also constantly investing in innovative ideas that can improve their relationship with clients, presenting them with a faster and safer experience. With the constant expansion of their network, they provide their partners with more elaborate methods of making sure their shipment has arrived at the proper destination.

How Does Zentail Help Amazon Sellers?

Given the fact that it comes recommended by some of the top sellers and brands on the platform, it’s clear that this platform offers a lot in terms of organization and management. When it comes to the process of shipping, it really can get any easier.

A seller will be able to track everything happening with his or her orders (purchase, error, cancellation, etc.) This provider will behave the way you instruct it. So, you can, for example, define your own rules for how an order gets routed. Once the order comes in, Zentail will automatically acknowledge receipt, reserve inventory, and update quantities on each channel you’re selling. That’s another perk of using this platform – you will not be restricted to Amazon only.

So, not only will you be notified of every stage of the shipping process but you will also be able to maintain faster shipment times across all your channels due to automated routing. You can set a warehouse priority. This will ensure the orders are sent to the warehouse with the most stock first and/or to the fulfillment methods that are the least costly.

Zentail will be of great help to those who are dealing with a large number of others every day. Its greatest advantage is that it’s all atomized meaning everything happens behind the scenes. Something like this will ensure your business is always well-organized and you never miss an order.

Amazon is a huge company and using its services is extremely practical on multiple levels. However, to build a successful business and create loyal clients, you need to be at the top of your game. It is extremely frustrating for a seller to lose track of an order as it can reflect negatively on the business as a whole. By using any of the mentioned programs, you will be aware of what’s happening with your shipment at all times and if there was a problem.

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