Home Care Franchise Opportunities Help Veterans Become Business Owners

One of the most difficult aspects of transitioning from active duty to civilian life can be finding employment for a post-military career. Yet some former service members are discovering civilian career success with their leadership skills through the ownership of home care franchises. Veterans Javon and Nathan Russell and their mother Joyce, who recently acquired a home care franchise, certainly are.

Javon and Nathan, both United States Army and Marine Corps veterans, became determined to change the face of veteran care in their community in honor of their late father. The brothers set out to accomplish this goal by providing quality home care services to seniors and vets in their local area. Their desire to help others was born after the brothers experienced difficulty finding quality home care for their father, an honorably discharged U.S. Navy veteran.

Now as home care franchise owners with firsthand experience as caregivers, Javon and Nathan are on a mission to offer quality home care services. Who better to provide care for veterans than veterans?

The qualities necessary to be a successful owner in the home care franchising industry are an ability to lead a business, a dedicated work ethic, and a willingness to follow a set business plan as a franchisee. Veterans excel at all of the above.

According to the International Franchise Association’s (IFA) Franchising for Veterans Industry Analysis 2017 – Cost & Trends report, 1 in 7 U.S. franchises are veteran owned. In addition, 9% of all business owners in the U.S. are veterans. That’s a big number!

Veterans are prepared for franchise ownership because of the training and people skills they learn in the military. Being a franchisee and running a home care business is all about using teamwork and leadership skills to achieve predetermined results through a proven system. As a home care franchisee, an owner can rely on a network of support from the franchisor and other franchisees while simultaneously helping local seniors in their community. Alternatively, as an entrepreneur, they would be out on their own.

According to the Home and Senior Care Franchise Industry Report 2016, 6.5 million seniors need help in their homes, and this number is anticipated to double by 2020. Home care franchises can fulfill that growing need with quality, 24/7 non-medical home care services for aging adults and individuals of all ages who require care.

An AARP Aging in Place survey reports that 89% of seniors would like to age in their own homes as long as they can. Home care companies arrange for visiting home health aides to provide services such as medical reminders housekeeping, laundry, bathing, transportation, meal preparation, grooming, and dressing.

For veterans embarking on the transition from military to civilian life, incentives like financial and support training offered by franchisors are great avenues for veterans to get started as business owners in any industry. Franchisors like Accessible Home Health Care and organizations like the Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative (VetFran) offer benefits or cost saving programs as incentives to become franchisees.

To support veteran franchise owners, Accessible Home Health Care offers the Milton M. Rager Veterans’ Franchise Opportunity Program. The program waives the initial $50,000 startup fee, provides entrepreneurial training, and offers assistance in locating and accessing capital to qualifying veterans. The entire Accessible team is excited to offer this franchise opportunity to the Russell family as good corporate citizenship.

The Russell family was selected for this home care business opportunity program because of their past military service and combined healthcare and business experience. It was always a dream of the Russells to own a business and use their career strengths together as a family to help people obtain compassionate home care for their loved ones.

With their combined expertise and family legacy of military service to the country, the Russells will provide compassionate care to seniors and veterans in their hometown of Detroit, Michigan. Nathan served 16 years in the United States Army and Marine Corps and has human resources experience and a bachelor’s degree in accounting. His brother and business partner Javon is also a United States Army veteran working in business management. Their mother Joyce Russell has more than 30 years of experience in healthcare, a master’s degree in nursing, and will complete her Doctor of Nursing Practice in fall 2017.

Getting involved in the home health care franchising industry is a great next step for United States military veterans interested in creating a rewarding career path by owning a business and caring for seniors and fellow veterans. With an increasing demand for in home care for seniors throughout the country, the home care market is set for solid growth in years to come with opportunities for caring and compassionate franchisees who have the determination to succeed.

Aarif Dahod is the CEO and COO of Accessible Home Health Care. Founded in 2001, Accessible Home Health Care provides “Compassionate Care from the Heart” to help assist and support families during times of need when seniors and elders begin to change physically and mentally. Accessible Home Health Care offers customizable in home care services that include Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Parkinson’s care to help seniors maintain their independence, in-home safety, and enhance their quality of life. 


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