Hecs Aims to Prevent Franchise Gouging

HECS Solutions Inc. wants to extend its expertise into the realm of franchising so it can help stop franchise companies from getting ripped off.

Started in 2010, HECS offers IT, human resources and financial services for companies. It has mostly been working with major Fortune 500 companies up until recently, CEO Stephen Roche said during a recent interview from New York.

The decision to start targeting franchises came about last year when he accompanied his wife, who works for a franchise, to the International Franchising Expo where he saw some dubious things going on.

“There was an IT company there selling websites for $4,000 and a monthly fee of something like $450 to host it and I said ‘they’re just gouging the franchises’,” he recalled. “It’s ridiculous the amount of money they wanted, plus it was taking them three to six months to complete a website.”

Roche knew HECS could offer better and faster service to franchises at a much lower cost, so he decided to start specifically targeting franchises as clients. This year, HECS will be at the Franchising Expo to offer its services to franchises at much more reasonable rates.

Focus on Core Business

A lot of business people aren’t IT experts and don’t have the ability or the time to commit to the human resources or financial part of their business, Roche noted. By outsourcing those services to HECS, it allows small and mid-sized companies to focus on their core business, whatever that may be.

“We take that burden off their shoulders so they can concentrate on what they do best,” he explained.

From graphic and web design to brand creation to strategic planning and workflow processes, HECS helps their clients with the peripherals of business.

Currently, Roche said, HECS is in talks with a couple of different franchises and will also be at the International Franchise Expo in New York to show franchises that they don’t have to pay ridiculous amounts for a service like website creation and hosting.

Roche, who has been doing consulting work for 25 years, is interested in working both with entire franchise organizations or individual franchisees.

One of the things he enjoys best about working with small and mid-sized companies is their agility when compared to HECS’ larger clients.

“They can turn things around a lot quicker than our larger clients,” he said. “We go into a meeting with our large clients and we could discuss the workflow of how to hire an employee for—and this is no joke—six weeks. Whereas, if you’re a small business owner, you want it done yesterday so it can affect your bottom line. So, that’s why we’re shifting over to the small and mid-sized organizations.”

Small and mid-sized businesses are driving the economy, he opined, and HECS wants to work with people who have amazing ideas, but who may not have all the components to bring those ideas to fruition.

By outsourcing the IT, human resources and financial components to HECS, it will make it easier for these small and mid-size companies to flourish and grow.

But, the CEO noted, people shouldn’t think that outsourcing means outsourcing to a different country. HECS is headquartered in New York with satellite offices in Chicago and Los Angeles and all of its employees are based in the United States and most of them have a minimum of 10 years of experience in the industry.

In addition to its US locations, HECS also has an office in London and one in Prague.

The HECS Difference

The focus for HECS is on helping clients be successful, Roche said, whereas their competitors are more interested in how many hours they can bill clients for.

Building long-term relationships with clients is important for HECS, he added. If a client only needs one or two services to begin with, HECS is going to offer that client the same level of care as any other client.

“We just want to make sure whatever services we are providing are outstanding so as they grow, they will remember us and come back to us for additional services,” he said.

Not a typical consulting firm, Roche noted, HECS listens to customers’ needs rather than just trying to get them to buy a certain product.

For any franchises that need IT, human resources and financial services for reasonable prices, HECS’ decision to start targeting franchises is welcome news.

HECS Solutions, Inc.

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