Healthsource Chiropractic: The Future of Healthcare Franchising

One health industry franchise has set itself a lofty goal to hit within the next 10 years, but if current conditions are any indication, it should have no trouble reaching that goal.

Not only does HealthSource – America’s Chriopractor aim to set the standard in chiropractic care throughout the industry, according to the company’s 10-year vision, the franchise also wants to open a thousand clinics over the next decade.

“We’re going to hit that goal,” CEO Dr. Chris Tomshack proclaimed during a recent interview with Franchising USA. “I’ve got nine years left on that plan, so we’re absolutely going to hit it.”

Tomshack’s confidence stems from HealthSource’s already existing 300 franchise locations and the fact that he has seen an emerging trend where new franchisees tend to purchase multiple locations rather than just a single one.

HealthSource, a franchise that specializes in chiropractic care and rehabilitative care primarily for musculoskeletal injuries, has been around now for 11 years.

Currently, HealthSource is in 44 different states and just opened a location in Canada.

“We’re going to be going further internationally in 2018,” the CEO said. “In addition to Canada, we’re looking at Europe — Great Britain and Ireland specifically — New Zealand and Australia.”

Tomshack said he decided to start the HealthSource franchise because of what he was hearing from patients in his previous clinics.

“The most common complaint we heard from new clients who would come in is: ‘Hey, I tried chiropractic in the past, but it didn’t work or it worked temporarily,’ and after hearing that as a clinician I knew we had to deliver a much better level of care,” he explained.

To offer that better level of care, he took it upon himself to research any new advancements that had been made in chiropractic and rehabilitation care in an effort to evolve the level of care that chiropractors provide.

Chiropractic experience not necessary

Tomshack’s first ever location launched in the city of Vermillion, OH. That was in 1994 back before HealthSource was a franchise. The first franchise location was opened in Cleveland 11 years ago.

Back when HealthSource first started franchising, all the franchisees were chiropractors. But now, Tomshack has opened it up to business people. He described an ideal franchisee as someone interested in healthcare and interested in providing a service to people who are living with pain that doesn’t involve drugs or surgery.

A perfect example of an ideal HealthSource franchisee is a recent one who joined who used to be a high level executive at McDonald’s. She and her team were really interested in healthcare and they love the fact that the franchise is helping people deal with their pain long term without the side effects of drugs or surgery.

HealthSource helps its non-chiropractor franchisees hire the best chiropractors, even helping them with things like identifying the best personality traits to look for in a chiropractor, Tomshack said.

Training and support

The HealthSource CEO called the training and support offered to new franchisees extensive.

“That starts pretty much the minute they sign a franchising agreement,” he outlined. “We immediately launch them into an onboarding process that is about three-and-a-half months long right now.”

New franchisees head to HealthSource’s corporate headquarters in Avon, OH for a five-day intensive training program called HealthSource University. After that, every Tuesday sees a weekly training program delivered to all franchisees and their teams to help their clinics run as efficiently as possible.

Because it’s healthcare and every individual patient is different, a deeper level of training is required to deliver a consistent level of service across the whole franchise, Tomshack noted.

Along with that, franchisees have an annual convention, regional conventions and field-based support teams all across the country training with the owners and their teams.

“So, they have on-site training every month,” Tomshack said.

This superior training, along with how they care for their patients, is what sets HealthSource apart from other healthcare franchises, he noted.

Chiropractors get business training

Although many chiropractors opt to start their own clinics, there are some distinct advantages to either working for a HealthSource clinic or starting one for chiropractors, Tomshack noted. With the failure rate of new businesses being so high, joining the HealthSource franchise gives practicing chiropractors a leg up with being a part of or running a successful clinic.

New doctors often don’t know the ins and outs of business, he said, and don’t equate running a clinic with running a business.

“When they graduate, they don’t have the skill set to run their own clinic,” Tomshack noted. “We provide that whether they choose to own their own HealthSource or they decide to work at a HealthSource franchise.”

Part of the help they will get is HealthSource’s proprietary software system that essentially runs the operation portion of the practice, allowing it to run much more efficiently.

Marketing is another area where franchisees get a lot of help, as HealthSource is working with four different agencies to constantly develop marketing material, particularly digital marketing.

“Our goal is to own the digital space for every clinic we open,” Tomshack stated.

Solo practitioners usually can’t keep up with the marketing demands it takes to keep a clinic open while also taking care of patients, he added. They’ve never been trained to handle marketing and hiring a marketing agency is prohibitively costly.

Medically, HealthSource stays ahead of its competition by performing constant research to evolve the care they are offering so they are always at the forefront of chiropractic care and rehabilitation.

As currently only 14 percent of the Unites States population uses a chiropractor; that leaves an immense untapped market for future franchisees in this recession-proof business that also boasts, what Tomshack called, fantastic profit margins. In 2016, HealthSource clinics had an average revenue of $447,000 and $259,000 in gross profit. Tomshack believes profits will continue to rise as chiropractic’s popularity grows.

With so much upside to it, HealthSource seems destined to reach and surpass its goal of opening a thousand clinics over the next decade.



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