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The Growth coach is not simply a coaching business – it is a way of life. the company focuses on the stabilization of middleclass by changing the mindset of small business owners and  maintaining a better work life balance, making it completely different than other business coaching opportunities.

The company was started in 1993 by Daniel Murphy, CEO and business coaching expert, who had been a CPA but found that position had limitations with small business owners. Daniel wanted to grow mindsets and coach beyond taxes, so he decided to start his own coaching business.  At the time, coaching was a relatively new concept and Daniel noticed there was a huge opportunity that was not being leveraged. On average most small businesses have the same underlying issues in different development areas and he decided to put all of them in one room together to leverage time in a workshop setting. This idea produced the same results in less time and created permanent  changes for the business owners.  The Growth Coach focuses on changing communities and helping improve businesses through a change of life and perception that remains perpetual because results are evident and the process is engaging rather than a presentation by one speaker to a group of people.  “What Daniel had started in the early stages was a basic development program for an entry-level manager, for example.

Over the course of ten years, he has perfected his workshop process with exercises, follow-up exercises and it morphed into a long-term group synergy process of mindset change,” said Nathan Owens, President of The Growth Coach.  In 2003 the product and process had been solidified enough to start expanding on a national level and it started franchising with the first owner in Cincinnati, Ohio. Eleven years later, The Growth Coach has 155 territories and is established in ten countries. Covering 36 states coast to coast, the company hopes to be in 50 states by the end of the year.

The Growth Coach does not have franchises on an international level but rather a master partner in each country that allows them to be highly selective with who they work with based on the country’s needs. In order to over the globe, The Growth Coach is developing the next aspect of the business through live group workshops within a virtual space so the coaching process can be accessed anywhere in the world by anyone at anytime.

“We have positioned our system for a global expansion and in doing that we have seen an unbelievable ability to stabilize the middleclass. So now we have developed this global empire based on this group coaching process which is a two-year process that has workshops and a micro mindset,” explained the president. “When someone is doing one of our exercises they don’t understand the bigger picture that this one exercise is going to yield but when all of our small exercises are combined, it creates a mindset that impacts the business. It gives business owners more free time and more balance in their life. What we do synergizes around our owners’ business and their life. Better business, means better life.” The Growth Coach helps people and their businesses better leverage their time and enjoy more enriching lives. There are over 35 million small business owners and entrepreneurs in America who are overworked and need help creating better results and balance within their workplace. The Growth Coach offers an affordable coaching process that is different from consultants or any other coaching business, especially when comparing the length of the progress they offer.  “A lot of coaching businesses try to copy what we do but it’s not a month long process with a guest speaker coming in and doing the workshop – that is essentially someone presenting something to you. That produces a short-term result and your mind doesn’t change in what you do every day, so there is no real impact to your business or life,” explained Nathan.  

The Growth Coach continuously holds many people from a company accountable throughout a two-year process with repetitive exercises that change perceptions. By having people make promises to change certain  behaviors with a group of people witnessing that commitment, it holds them accountable.  “This is one of the only systems that has figured out how to hold massive amounts of people accountable over the course of two years. We have a proprietary system.

I am going to know whether or not you  did something, I am going to challenge you on it and the whole room is going to know about it. No one else does that. No one else can do it and that’s why you need us. If you are a  small business owner and you can afford to invest in something that is guaranteed to give you a major return in your investment and help you take weekends off, how can you not utilize that?” asked Nathan.

The Growth Coach is essential for any leadership position because small businesses do not have any guidelines or head office backing as a support system. “A small business owner is by themselves and on their own. They started a business because they loved it and now they are consumed by it. Our owners need us to help them gain clarity, focus and be held responsible,” further explained Nathan.

Coaching versus consulting 

Hiring a consultant firm is not nearly the same as The Growth Coach. Consultants are experts in a specific field. They enter a business, dissect it from what they know and offer plausible answers with written rules to follow based on their professional assessment. Eventually a business owner would ignore those instructions and continue with their previous means of running the business.  “Coaching is different. When a coach goes
into a business or in our case, when an owner comes to us, it’s never about what I think or how I would fix it,” said Nathan.  “My job as a coach is to get your mindset  to a point where you can step away from your business, look at it, find out what’s wrong with it and develop a plan to fix it. A beautiful part of being a really good coach is holding you accountable to it and then repeating that process and repeating it again.”

“What we do synergizes around our owners’ business and their life. better business, means  The Growth Coach is extremely affordable especially in comparison to other coaching and consulting companies. A
lower price tag also comes with tools including mapping for small businesses and business evaluation with a comparison of a company’s worth today related to it’s worth after the two-year process.

Training and Support

In comparison to other franchise companies, The Growth Coach has an extended training period, providing five and a half weeks worth of extensive training. Before a fee is even sent, an interested candidate receives a dedicated on boarding coach and they obtain different phases of training. “It’s like having your own personal assistant, CPA and trainer all wrapped into one,” described Nathan.  Then there is a week of onboard training,
followed by eight days of site training to obtain knowledge of the company’s core foundation including what the systems are,  better life.” how to deliver and facilitate them, how to network and go through the sales processand develop sales mapping in order to learn how to run the business before the franchisee gets on location.  Training involves mimicking workshops  and sales processes including live network  events. Then there is two weeks worth of day-to-day development with a support coach and a marketing coach and the next ninety days is mapped for the franchisee.  Once a business is up and running, a franchisee has an operational coach and a veteran coach available through mentoring  calls as well as a help desk center setup for  sales and marketing. Regional meetings  are held every two to three months and there is a yearly conference.

“We have to care about an owner’s business too,” said Nathan.

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