Great Clips Launches New Kind of Veterans Day Campaign

Great Clips, the world’s largest salon brand, has launched a new campaign that highlights the veterans, active military members, and supporters that make the brand great. Started in honor of Veterans Day 2017, the #GREATful4VETS campaign tells the stories of a dozen outstanding individuals across the Great Clips network.

While Great Clips has consistently supported veterans through a variety of organizations over the years, this year the team recognized that they work among extraordinary individuals within their own network who are serving or have served their country, or are making an impact on the lives of these individuals each and every day.

In May, Great Clips began a system-wide call for nominations within its internal network and chose 13 individuals to highlight during the inaugural campaign, through a mix of video and written narratives. Those selected include franchisees, salon managers, stylists, family members and loyal customers, who have actively served or go above and beyond to support those who have served in the military.

Individuals highlighted in the video campaign include:

  • Dennis Stevens is a Great Clips franchisee and Vietnam veteran who has spent the last 13 years helping veterans recover through Operation Second Chance (OSC). The organization takes care of younger soldiers coming home from oversees, by setting up therapeutic retreats between servicemen to rehabilitate them back into civilian life, all while making sure they receive gratitude from their countrymen for their service.
  • Patty Addison is a Great Clips general manager who has faithfully supported her husband and two sons through multiple deployments overseas. Her family views her as a true hero, serving as the rock for the family no matter where their service takes them.
  • Bill Jackson is a Great Clips franchisee who honed his leadership style through two decades of service as an Air Force Commander. Bill’s family was one of 13 involved in Brown v. Board of Education and as a result of this monumental decision he was able to earn his college degree. A skilled basketball player, he was a member of the All American Armed Forces team during his tenure with the Air Force.
  • Jon Jacobson is the husband of a Great Clips stylist who has found new purpose since returning home from two deployments in Iraq. In 2009, Jacobson lost the use of his left hand and part of his arm while overseas and struggled to find his path back to civilian life, until he took part in a turkey hunt through the Ft. Riley Wounded Warriors program. As an avid hunter, Jacobson traded his rifle for a bow and arrow and trained himself to shoot, even when doctors told him it wasn’t possible. He now serves as a hunting guide with Prairie Storm Outfitters, where he leads hunts for other wounded veterans throughout Western Kansas.
  • Chuck Mundahl, the uncle of a Great Clips franchisee, served in the 1st infantry division (a.k.a. “Big Red One”) during the Vietnam War. During his service, he was awarded the Purple Heart along with the Bronze Star and fought in the battle of Bong Trang, one of the largest sustained combats of the Vietnam War where 41 Americans were killed and almost 250 wounded. Big Red One’s motto? No mission too difficult, no service too great, duty first! As a Veteran, this is how Mundahl continues to live his life by helping soldiers who return home cope with the transition back to everyday life.
  • Beth Callender is a Great Clips general manager who was inspired to join the Army after hearing stories from her grandfather about serving in World War II. She served as a Heavy Equipment Operator and enjoys the military family she has gained from her time in the service.
  • Farhan Merchant is a Marketing Manager for Great Clips, who served in the Canadian military as a driver/instructor. Farhan was inspired by the strength and discipline he observed in two military members who visited his school for career day. He credits the skills he learned during his time in the service with preparing him for life challenges, including his infant daughter’s passing.

Individuals highlighted in the written campaign include:

  • Trey Ripple, an Army military police officer stationed at Ft. Hood who “grew up Great Clips” as the son of a general manager.
  • Jerry Painter, a US Air Force veteran and step-father to a Great Clips general manager, who spent his career making weather predictions for NASA and the President of the United States.
  • George Davis, the father of a Great Clips franchisee, who used his Morse Code training to defend Allied supply routes during WWII.
  • Michael Grano, who parlayed his skills learned in the Navy into a styling career at Great Clips.
  • Dennis McFadden, who spent 36 years serving in the British Royal Army before moving to Canada to purchase his first Great Clips salon.
  • Herschel Luckinbill, a regular Great Clips customer who has dedicated his life to memorializing veterans and making the world a better place.

In addition to the continuation of its fifth annual Veterans Day “get one, give one free” haircut promotion, the team is elated to shine the spotlight on these impactful stories in 2017. Previously, Great Clips has supported impactful organizations including Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Operation Second Chance, The Greatest Generations Foundation, Stand Down for Vets, Take a Vet Fishing, and the American Legion.

As a part of the campaign, Great Clips encourages people to share their own stories on social media about the military members and veterans who they are grateful for using the hashtag #GREATful4VETS. For more information about the #GREATful4VETS campaign, visit or follow along on Facebook to see full videos.

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