Google to Pilot Hands Free Payments Service With Select Papa John’s and McDonald’s Locations in the Bay Area

Google will be testing an app that will let customers pay at the store without pulling out their wallets or phones.

The technology, known as Hands Free payments, is supposed to make paying in stores/restaurants easier on consumers. Once a customer downloads the app on their phone, all they have to do when checking out at a store/restaurant is simply tell the cashier they’d like to pay with the service. The cashier will then ask for initials and use the picture added to the Hands Free profile to confirm their identity.

“As a company we are perpetually committed to better – better ingredients, better pizza and a better customer experience,” said Cynthia McClellen, Senior Vice President of Global Information Services at Papa John’s International. “We’re excited to be working with Google to test Hands Free in our Bay Area stores.  It’s yet another opportunity to push the possibilities of digital payment solutions for our customers.”

Hands Free is currently available on Android and iOS devices.

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