Gametruck – Bringing People Together

Founded in 2006, and franchising since 2008, GameTruck is a mobile entertainment company that delivers excitement.

Their main offering is a mobile video game theater which features up to eight high-definition flat screen televisions, all of the major gaming consoles, a diverse library of games, and sleek comfortable furniture. The self-powered, climate controlled gaming theater “is like a dream living room on wheels,” said CEO Scott Novis during a recent interview from the company headquarters in Tempe, AZ.

Each mobile video game theater can entertain 20 to 30 people at a time, accommodating higher numbers on a rotation. GameTruck delivers low-stress successful parties to families across the country through the convenience of hosting at customer’s homes without the mess. In addition to the gaming theater, the company also offers laser tag parties that take place outside of the theater and are completed with specialty missions, challenges and obstacles.

Since its inception, GameTruck has seen its popularity spike. “Despite the cliche of the lone video game player sitting in a basement,” Novis said. “People really do want to play video games together.”

“I can’t tell you how many times we have heard people come out of our trucks and say, ‘that was so much better than playing online because we were all together,’” Novis explained.

Ideal Franchisee

A person who understands how to master a system and is adept at working with equipment, both electronic and automotive, is someone who would succeed as a GameTruck franchisee, Novis said. Equally important is punctuality, as GameTruck has the reputation of a party service that is guaranteed to show up.

While GameTruck is already in 75 different cities in 25 states, there is lots of room to expand, Novis said. He identified Denver, Kansas City, New England, New York, Connecticut, San Francisco, Oakland, Mississippi, and Louisiana as lucrative areas that GameTruck would like to expand into.

“There’s a lot of room to grow,” he noted.

Training and Support

When potential franchisees contact the company, it will do an analysis of the area to determine if GameTruck would be a good fit there financially for both franchisee and franchisor. Once purchased, the new franchisee goes through online training with a Franchise Business Consultant and then in-market training with one of their Gold Standard franchisees.

In addition to this thorough on-boarding, continuous education occurs regularly culminating in the company’s annual conference, which has plenty of networking and training opportunities. An internal Sales Team (call center) fields inbound calls for all franchisees and the PowerUps team is available to handle administrative tasks for a small fee, freeing up franchisee’s time so they can focus on growing their business.

United Front

What really separates GameTruck from its competition, Novis said, is the fact that although it’s a collection of franchisees, the company can rally them together and act as a unified whole when required.

The company’s name brand recognition has earned them the opportunity to participate in national promotional marketing, like the program it just finished with game publisher Activision. GameTruck has partnered with Activision for the last four years for the launch of each Skylanders game.

With constant praise from parents, exclaiming that GameTruck parties are the easiest parties they’ve ever thrown, this is one company that seems to have figured out how to win in the mobile entertainment industry.

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