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At the young age of  19 years old, bill Allen, a U.S. Air Force flight line Avionics technician had no idea he would become an area developer for Instant Imprints many years later.  It was quite a while between his time in
the military and purchasing an Instant Imprints franchise. He had several careers in between. Ultimately, he had always wanted to own his own business and Instant Imprints is a business that does not really have a slow period. Bill evaluated sales and found that sales are strong all year long because Instant Imprints produce so many things that small businesses need to promote themselves.

Bill wanted a franchise that he could own and operate himself, as well as sell. Instant Imprints is one of the few franchises that offered the option to become an Area  Developer as well.

Being in the military contributes to many  attributes that support business ownership.  From Bill’s perspective, “… determination, never quit attitude and solid work ethic is what the military taught me and I was able to bring these attributes to Instant Imprints as a franchise owner. There were numerous challenges when we first opened our franchise. I had never been a business owner before and there were many things to learn: operations, production,  sales, training, employee hiring, and  management just to name a few. “Instant Imprints’ Corporate offered  excellent training, both in owning and operating your business as well as technical training in production. Corporate is also instrumental in helping a new franchise get to profitability as quickly as possible via an extensive initial marketing program as well as continued support in marketing and technical training.

We are also kept up to date on the latest production techniques and state of the art equipment.” Bill would absolutely recommend starting an Instant Imprints franchise and here’s why? “Instant Imprints offers a very competitive franchise purchase program for veterans. If a Vet is looking for a business to own, that is almost recession proof, with solid corporate support, this is it. Every business, organization, church, school, sports team, municipality and non-profit, needs what we produce and the service we provide. There is no lack of potential clients.” Bill Allen is a proven Veteran success story for Instant Imprints and also an example of why franchise organizations should invest in Veterans owning franchises. As an area developer, Bill continues to support Veterans in pursuing their franchise dreams and is an integral part of the Instant Imprints team.

About Instant Imprints: Founded in 1992 as an imprinted merchandise manufacturer and distributor, Instant Imprints expanded to offer screen-printing, embroidery, sign-making and promotional product services. The San Diego-based company began franchising in 2001. The First and Only Franchise in the promotional advertising industry offering this level of comprehensive products and services. Although they have been around for over half a century, the screen printing, embroidery, sign, promotional products and digital printing industries lacked the technology to easily enter into them. Instant Imprints was the first and are still the only franchise to merge these normally separate businesses under one roof. Why settle for a clothing franchise when you can get all six franchise concepts rolled into one! New innovations, as well as over thirty years of  experience in this  market, have allowed Instant Imprints  to completely revolutionize these well- established industries.

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