Into the Fray: Happy and Healthy Franchisees Story of Sweet Success

Responsible, hardworking, self disciplined these are just a few of the adjectives applied to members of the United States Armed Forces  and they are also the very qualities
that make our military veterans  ideal candidates for entrepreneurship. 

Veteran Paul Klein is just one of the many franchisees who embody these traits. He entered the Navy in 1969 and spent the majority of the next two plus decades sailing the western Pacific. After  retiring in 1993, Paul transitioned into private  sector employment but found himself  marveling at the careless approach so many owners had toward their business. By the end of 2008, he had had enough.  Hoping to  combine his military experience with the lessons learned in the private sector, he and his wife, Barbara, decided to  attend a local franchise show in Chicago and that step put them on the road to becoming entrepreneurs.

It all began with a smile and a simple question, “What’s your favorite fruit?” Paul’s answer – cherries – was rewarded  with a one of Fruitfull’s Passionate Cherry frozen fruit bars. He accepted the bar and continued to make his way through the crowd. After a few bites, he found himself retracing his steps to speak to Linda Kamm, the president and owner of Happy & Healthy Products, Inc. – the franchisor behind the treat.

Paul and Barbara soon found themselves pouring over a variety of opportunities but the decision was made when they realized that they were constantly comparing each company to Happy & Healthy.  Five years later, they credit Happy & Healthy franchisee Dave Weiss with one of the most appealing and most accurate claims made about the opportunity: “The nice thing about this business is that it will only get as big as you want it to be.” For now, the Kleins are content to keep the business relatively small. Their family is scattered all over the country and they love the fact that their highly flexible schedule  gives them to freedom to visit whenever
they choose.  By the end of their next five years, they see themselves moving to warmer climes… and moving the business with them. The business model makes that option much easier and hassle-free than one requiring a brick & mortar storefront and that was yet another reason that Happy & Healthy won them over. One of Paul’s favorite aspects of military life was the sense of family and he feels  that he’s found a new family with H&H.

“In the military, we would joke and say there are only two colors of people – green and blue. The good-natured ribbing between the Navy (blue) and the Marines (green) and between the Air Force (blue)
and the Army (green) was akin to sibling rivalry.” Paul explains. “Despite the expected competition, everyone depends on everyone else and works together for  the greater good. At H&H, Linda goes out  of her way to pick people who fit into the family and it shows.”

About Happy & Healthy Products:

Happy & Healthy Products is a unique  investment opportunity to develop your own business and to have fun while doing so. Whether you are considering owning your own business for the first time or you are an experienced business owner looking for a new challenge, we are positive you will find the possibilities of our franchise opportunity to be exciting and rewarding.

When you invest with H&H, you get the best of everything – low cost, high satisfaction, and great products:

• One of the “Top Low Cost Franchises under $50,000” as ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine
• Top 50 in franchise satisfaction by Franchise Business Review
• Best Snack of the Americas – Americas Food and Beverage Show & Conference With the above track record of success, it’s no wonder many of our franchisees have remained with us since we started back in
1991… and it’s the main reason you should partner with us today.

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