Franchising’s Power Players: Michael Mudd

Michael Mudd BrandONE franchising's power players

BrandONE’s CEO Shares His Passion for Empowering Others Through Franchising

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BrandONE CEO and partner, Michael Mudd loves franchising for many reasons, but especially for the opportunities it brings to everyone, no matter their social or economic background. “The modern-day American dream has been built on the backs of individual franchisees across the country – it is truly inspiring,” he says.

Mudd operates with the same excitement and passion he had for franchising when he started nearly two decades ago – and he looks for those same qualities in his team. “Success in franchising comes down to committing to the grind. The reality is a development manager will answer the same 15 questions over 1 million times. Being able to show the same level of enthusiasm in your response to a question the first time and the 100th takes a mental commitment,” he says. Mudd values team members who want to be part of a team and celebrate their fellow developer’s wins as much as they do their own.

Mudd‘s primary role at BrandONE is to set the strategic plan for the franchise development company and its franchisor partners. “I am committed to defining a franchise development process that recruits best-in-class candidates by instilling the BrandONE vision down to every detail of the candidate interface,” he says. The net result, he says, is a dynamic organization committed to meeting development goals through thoughtful recruitment, a transcendent organization and a workplace that fosters success like no other place on earth.

There is nothing better than when you watch one of your development managers have a breakthrough moment.

Michael Mudd: A Passionate Leader

There’s nothing Mudd loves more than seeing others succeed in franchising. He still feels the same excitement for franchising as he did when he started nearly two decades ago. What drives that passion? He explains below.

What’s Your Mantra or Motto?

I have two: “Awesomeness starts here!” and “I would rather be mountain biking!”

What is Your Greatest Career Accomplishment?

There is nothing better than when you watch one of your development managers have a breakthrough moment. Creating an environment where they can exceed their earning potential while having work-life balance is extremely rewarding.

Who Do You Admire in Franchising and Why?

I wouldn’t have my success without the success of my business partners at BrandONE. Jason Barclay, Dave Schaefers, Kurt Landwehr and Peter Barkman all have completely different skill sets and talents than I do. I learn from these guys every day and we are now brothers – bonded for life.

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