Franchising USA Questionnaire With Terry Powell of Fsbi

1 What motivated you to write Your Career 2.0: A Survival Guide for The Battered Career and Investor Syndrome?

For more than three decades, The Entrepreneur’s Source has helped transitioning professionals achieve their personal and professional goals To guide potential entrepreneurs on the journey towards self-sufficiency, we developed an education-based business coaching methodology, which has allowed tens of thousands to take a step towards achieving their desired Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity® goals.

The book, Your Career 2.0: A Survival Guide for The Battered Career and Investor Syndrome, is a tribute to the professionals we have guided from a state of underemployment or even unemployment to a place of empowerment. Through sharing our clients experience, strength and hope, we hope to inspire the 75 percent of Americans seeking selfsufficiency to take action.

2 What can prospective franchisees learn from reading Your Career 2.0? In which phase of the discovery process, would you advise prospective franchisees to read your book?

Your Career 2.0 is intended to serve as the handbook for professionals launching a career in entrepreneurship or business ownership. Each chapter acts as a guide, and the final two include case studies, resources and worksheets. I would recommend that anyone including potential entrepreneurs and potential business owners to use the book as a frame of reference throughout the discovery process.

The first chapter defines the “Battered Career and Investor Syndrome™” while encouraging the reader to take a thoughtful look at alternative career options. The second chapter introduces “YOU 2.0®” and what it means to pursue and achieve your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity Goals. In the next chapter, we tackle the obstacles that often deter or discourage people from achieving “You 2.0”. Chapter four identifies the  path towards accomplishing “You 2.0,” while chapter five advises the reader on next steps towards making a career move. The final chapter encourages the reader to embrace the opportunities through the exploration of financial options, transitions and inevitable decisions.

Throughout the book, we include case studies, resources and worksheets that include questions the reader should be asking when considering the next step in his or her career.

3 What are the main obstacles that deter or discourage prospective franchisees from investing in a franchise? How do you help The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise candidates overcome these obstacles?

The challenge for many professionals, is overcoming the apprehension about leaving their comfort zone to explore new career opportunities.

It is difficult to imagine the possibilities if you are not in a safe space to research, question and explore alternative career options. The Entrepreneur’s Source allows “seekers” to explore new opportunities without driving the client towards a sale. The discovery process should never be focused on selling franchises. The focus should be on educating potential entrepreneurs about the possibilities, so that they gain clarity about their best next career move; one that is in alignment and has the potential to help them achieve their income, lifestyle, wealth and equity goals.

4 Can you share some feedback you’ve received since releasing “Your Career 2.0…”?

Since we released the book, we have been fortunate to receive hundreds of comments from readers, who have been inspired to explore their career alternatives. By making our coaching methodology more accessible, we are helping the 75 percent of Americans seeking self-sufficiency take action towards achieving their income, lifestyle, wealth and equity goals. The case studies have proven to be especially useful for our readers. The range of scenarios depicted in the book has allowed potential entrepreneurs, potential business owners and potential franchisees to connect with our clients in new and unexpected ways. These connections have driven many to leave their comfort zone for the purpose of discovery and selfawareness.

5 What’s next for The Entrepreneur’s Source? What’s next for Terry Powell?

The Entrepreneur’s Source recently announced an extensive franchise growth plan to expand its U.S. presence by 15 percent in 2015. Building on the momentum achieved in the past 12 months, 2014 serves as a launching pad with considerable momentum behind it. Corporate growth plans call for adding nearly 20 new franchise offices in the coming year.

Personally, I am less involved with the day-to-day operations and more focused on preparing the business for the next 30 years. My time and energy is spent strategizing with our leadership team and continuing to develop more effective ways to help people everywhere achieve their dreams of self-sufficiency.


Founded in 1984, The Entrepreneur’s Source (TES) is a subsidiary of Franchise Source Brands International, a multibrand franchisor specializing in business and franchise coaching. A one source resource for all things entrepreneurial, The Entrepreneur’s Source is a coaching and franchise with nearly 200 coaches. The brand’s discovery-based approach to business coaching provides aspiring entrepreneurs and those exploring alternate career options with the information and education needed to achieve the income, lifestyle, wealth and equity that they desire.

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