Franchises Go Green to Help Planet and Profits

“Going green” is always a hot topic (pun intended) each year when we head into the dog days of the summer.

Global warming, emissions issues, pollution, etc. are all real global issues and many companies have committed themselves to innovation – creating new products and ideas to help protect the earth. And while it’s electric cars and solar energy that typically dominate the headlines, there are countless franchise businesses who are stepping up too.

Too few people realize it, but not all franchises are restaurants. There are dozens of service-based businesses that make use of the franchise business model and have recently implemented creative changes to do the right thing for Mother Earth. And many have discovered that these changes not only help the planet, but in many cases, help their profits.

Here are three examples of how going green has brought in more green for some environmentally conscious franchise companies:

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK – The first and largest moving franchise in the United States has been working with Brooke and Les Wilson, a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK multi-unit franchisee who owns and operates seven locations from Atlanta to Baltimore who , along with additional TWO MEN AND A TRUCK locations around the country, are testing out new green operations before they’re introduced to the entire nationwide network. These include:

• New more energy efficient moving trucks that have more optimized combustion, better fuel efficiency, increased power, reduced maintenance, fewer regenerations, and less wear on the engine. Plus, they yield harmless nitrogen and water into the atmosphere to minimize dangerous emissions.

• Electronic logs and software tablets in moving trucks – managers map out the quickest, direct routes for truck drivers and the electronic logs track driver activity. By taking the most direct path, TWO MEN moving trucks reduce fuel costs and emissions into the environment.

Open Works – The nation’s leading facility services and commercial cleaning franchise cleans green. The EPA’s recently imposed Clean Water Act has business owners facing fines up to $50,000 a day if dangerous chemicals contaminate storm drain areas nearby. That’s right – business owners, not the cleaning company. So, in response, all 330 OpenWorks franchisees use specific cleaning products that are
safer for the environment. These franchise owners NEVER use chemicals of any kind on any outdoor maintenance projects including power washing and landscaping. This includes power washing projects as chemicals aren’t needed to remove stains and grime if professionals use the right combination of heat and pressure.

Our Town America – The nation’s premier new mover marketing franchise has been mailing personalized welcoming packages to new movers filled with gift certificates from local businesses for more than forty years.

Recently, their CEO Michael Plummer, Jr. has worked hard with his corporate team and franchisees to install system-wide changes that embrace new technology and make their print-heavy business better for local environments around the country. Here’s what they’ve implemented:

• Digital scanning –the certificates customers redeem at local businesses now have a barcode that digitally tracks the success of the marketing program. This digital process is replacing a printed reporting process that used to involve a ton of paper.

• Recycled certificates – Used certificates are collected and recycled by franchise owners around the country.

• Variable data printing – Our Town America has embraced a new printing system that cuts down on paper and ink.

• Digital invoices – Franchisees and the local businesses they serve (sponsors) can access monthly invoices and billing documents via Our Town America’s intranet to limit the amount of printed and mailed materials.

Graham Chapman is a Senior PR Catalyst for 919 Marketing, a national marketing, PR and social media agency that creates and executes hard-hitting Social Relations™ programs on behalf of emerging and established franchise companies. Chapman is a passionate, driven and energetic account executive who has helped dozens of franchise clients share national and local stories that increase franchise sales lead flow and in-store traffic for franchisees. As a member of the 919 Marketing team, Chapman is part of a powerful collection of Emmy award winning journalists, nationally recognized marketing strategists, creative content marketing gurus and savvy digital marketing analysts who have proven experience delivering powerful, revenue generating results for emerging and established franchise brands.

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